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Elena Zamolodchikova: a Russian Star.

Elena Mikhailovna Zamolodchikova born on September 19, 1982 in Moscow, Russia, nicknamed "Zhushya" starts gymnastics in 1989, she did her first International event in 1995. Still competing, Elena was finalist of the World Cup in Madrid on Vault and Floor. (the photos below have been done in Madrid 2008)
She is a strong competitor for the Russian team and also a true Vaulter.
We found Elena in her first competitions in '95 for the junior European Championships where she finished 1st on Vault and team. In 96, at the same event she was 2nd on Vault and AA 5th, getting the team gold medal.
Winner of the '96 South African Cup, winner of the Junior Maribor ADA Cup, Elena performed an exceptional 98 year and gained the star status.

The resume of the Elena's palmares in 98:
6th AA and 3rd on Floor at the Russian Cup (March edition), 1st AA and team at the Bluewater International in Canada, 1st AA at the Wild Rose Invitational, 1st AA, 1st Vault, 1st on Beam and 1st on Floor at the All Russian Junior Championships, 1st AA at the World Youth Games in Moscow, 1st on Vault and Floor, 2nd on Beam at the Russian Championships, 1st on Vault and Floor at the Swiss Cup, and again three golds on AA, Vault and Floor at the Moscow Games held in Moscow.
An impressive start!!
Elena got four Olympic Games medals, two Gold on Vault and Floor (both in 2000 Sydney); a silver team competition one still in Australia and a bronze team competition one in '04 Athens.
She also won two World Champion titles on Vault in '99 Tianjin and '02 Debrecen then a silver one in '03 Anaheim. Her palmares includes more Worlds performances with two silver Team competition medals ('99 Tianjin and '01 Ghent), a bronze one in '06 Aarhus. Elena brillantly got a bronze AA medal in '99 Tianjin.
Winner of two European team competition gold medals in 2000 (Paris) and 2002 (Patras), Elena did not get individual continental title. Her best achievements are an All-around silver in 2000, two silvers on Vault in Paris and Amsterdam.
Year in, year out, Elena competed in a few World Cup series events and gym fans always welcomed her with fascination and respect. First place on Vault in '00, '03 and '04 in Glasgow, and '03 Stuttgart. She get second places on Vault ('02 Stuttgart, '03 Paris, '04 Stuttgart, '06 Glasgow), Beam ('02 Stuttgart and '03 Glasgow) and Floor ('00 and '06 Glasgow).
Elena met disappointing time too in her gym career. Unlucky at the 2005 World Championships of Melbourne where she finished fourth on both Floor and Vault finals, Elena faced injuries in 2006 and could not go to the Europeans.
In July 2008 she failed to enter the Olympics Russian team with a 12th AA place at the Nationals.
Despite disappointment and difficulties, she copes with changes of code of points and could modify and adapt her routines each time.
Then for 2009...why not Elena entering the National squad for the Worlds in London? She got her first major medal at the '99 World Championships and being in London ten years after can be a fantastic goal and achievement!
Let's go Zhushya!

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