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The '08 World Cup Final: the women events.

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Here are the comments about the women finals from Madrid.
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Vault final:
Cheng Fei who already was a Vault multi-winner during the World Cup series (Dtb of Stuttgart, Maribor, Tianjin, Shanghai) got the gold on Vault.
Ariella Kaeslin who always enjoys the vaulting work brillantly took the second rank and was one of the happiest gymnasts of the wee-end. Whith this deserved award (highest difficulty on her first Vault with a start note of 6.30 and a note of 15.275 pts, Cheng Fei performed on a 5.80 A-note first Vault), the gymnast from the BTV Luzern has now joined the best performers on the Vault apparatus (She already finished 5th of the Olympics final in Beijing). Ariella was named Swiss Sportswoman of the Year some days before the World Cup final.

Ariella performed a Handspring 1 straight and a Yurchenko 1 . Cheng Fei displayed the Yurchenko 1 off and the Yurchenko 1 on. Third ranked Aagje Vanwalleghem performed the Yurchenko 1 and a Yurchenko on 1 off piked.
We noticed the well executed Yurchenko 1 of Elsa Garcia (14.400 pts). Elsa lost any podium possibility with her second vault: 'only' a Cuervo Piked (start note of 5.200, note of 14.200). Elsa finished 4th
Russian Elena Zamolodchikova was 6th and met landing difficulties on her both vaults, first vault was a double twist (A-note of 5.80).

Vault results:
1. Cheng Fei (China) 15,050 pts.
2. Ariella Kaeslin (Switzerland) 14,912 pts.
3. Aagje Vanwalleghem (Belgium) 14,250 pts.
4. Elsa Garcia (Mexico) 14,400 pts.
5. Dorina Boczogo (Hungary) 13,787 pts.
6. Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia) 13,475 pts.
7. Jana Komrskova (Czech Republic) 13,262 pts.
8. Wong Hui Ying (Hong Kong) 12,712 pts.

Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia).  Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia).  Elsa Garcia (Mexico).  Ariella Kaeslin (Switzerland).  Aagje Vanwalleghem (Belgium). 
(from left to right: Elena Zamolodchikova (*2), Elsa Garcia, Ariella Kaeslin, Aaagje Vanwalleghem)
Uneven Bars final:
China triumph was planned... and it was! The Olympics Bars champion performed a strong and excellent routine excepted a missed handstands to the low bar. She got a note of 16.250 pts for a A-note of 7.70 - her routine was technically full, she performed her usual trademark skills and could keep the gold.
Her teammate Jiang Yuyan displayed a full and truly elegant bars routine (A-note of 7.10 for a note of 15.700 pts). Japanese Koko Tsurumi finished third (A-note of 6.80, a nice double layout to end the routine). Fourth ranked, Darya Zgoba performed a powerful routine but with some legs mistakes and she got a note of 14.500 pts for a start note of 6.20. Not enough to approach the 3 Asian competitors.
Terrible moment whan Urainian Anastasia Koval hit the up bar on her Tkachev piked and fell. She could safely end her routine and got the 6th place. Daniele Hypolito from Brazil was competing in Madrid but was clearly out of shape.

Uneven Bars results:
1. He Kexin (China) 16,250 pts.
2. Jiang Yuyan (China) 15,700 pts.
3. Koko Tsurumi (Japan) 15,250 pts.
4. Daria Zgoba (Ukraine) 14,500 pts.
5. Jana Sikulova (Czech Republic) 14,300 pts.
6. Anastasia Koval (Ukraine) 13,625 pts.
7. Daniele Hypolito (Brazil) 13,625 pts.

He Kexin (China).  He Kexin (China).  Koko Tsurumi (Japan).  Darya Zgoba (Ukraine).  Jiang Yuyan (China). 
(From left to right: He Kexin, Koko Tsurumi, Darya Zgoba, Jiang Yuyan)
Balance Beam final:
The Australian gymnast Lauren Mitchell performed a strong routine and got the first place, becoming the first Aussie to win a World Cup final.
Born July 23th 19991, this talented member of the Western Australian Institute of Sport is a total Beam competitor: national champion at this apparatus in '07, 5th of the Beam World Championships final, 2nd at the Dtb Cup and Massilia Gym Cup Beam event finals. She is known for her innovative routine with spectacular contents.
In Madrid, the Lauren routine was based on a A-note of 6.6 and awarded with a final note of 15.250 pts. Its was including: mount, switch leap,,split jump, wolf jump, free aerial to two feet, back tuck, turn with leg in lunge, flic, layout to two feet, free aerial, standing front tuck, ring leap, flic-ff-double pike (technical informations credited to International Gymnast). In fact her double pirouette in Kosak position delighted the audience and she got lot of deserved applauses.
Yulia Lozhechko got the second place with 15.200 pts with an A-note of 6.4. she did not display a whole mastered routine but avoided fatal mistake and ended the '08 year with a nice silver medal. Li Shanshan from China was third with a good routine but she missed some connections during her work (A-note of 6.3, final note of 15.150 pts). Fall from Cheng Fei and Daniele Hypolito.

Balance Beam results:
1. Lauren Mitchell (Australia) 15,250 pts.
2. Yulia Lozhechko (Russia) 15,200 pts.
3. Li Shanshan (China) 15,150 pts.
4. Sandra Izbasa (Romania) 14,925 pts.
5. Daria Zgoba (Ukraine) 14,000 pts.
6. Cheng Fei (China) 13,825 pts.
7. Daniele Hypolito (Brazil) 13,425 pts.

Yulia Lozhecko (Russia).  Daniele Hypolito (Brazil).  Lauren Mitchell (Australia).  Lauren Mitchell (Australia).  Lauren Mitchell (Australia). 
(From left to right: Yulia Lozhecko, Daniele Hypolito, Lauren Mitchell (*3).)
Floor final:
Both China competitors got the two first places, Cheng Fei got her second success in Madrid after a good routine awarded with a 15.375 pts for a A-note of 6.30.
Jiang Yuyuan was the last to compete and deserved the second place after an amazing dance Sirtaki work. Elegant and expressive as usual, the talented gymnast got her second silver medal of the week-end. A-note was 6.30 for a final note of 15.225 pts.
The olympic champion, Sandra Izbasa displayed her amazing routine, she was victorious in Beijing and Clermont-Ferrand with it. Despite the good contents and aerial execution, she got the third place defeated by the inspired Chinese competitors.
Russian veteran Elena Zamolodchikova showed a wonderful dance routine, the lack of a higher tumbling serie let her on the fourth rank, a bit far from the podium. Appreciated and still so nice and smiling, 'Zhushya' remains competitive and fascinating to watch. Her final note was 14.075 pts for an A-note of 5.70.
The wild card competitor from Spain, Naomi Ruiz got the 5th rank with a good choreography, Daniele HYpolito owns a floor with a rich contents but she was not ready for the competition. Elsa Garcia fell on her full in, her floor included an Arabian double front, full in, 1 into full, double piked for a good start note of 6.10, final note was 13.175 pts.

Floor results:
1. Cheng Fei (China) 15,375 pts.
2. Jiang Yuyan (China) 15,225 pts.
3. Sandra Izbasa (Romania) 15,000 pts.
4. Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia) 14,075 pts.
5. Naomi Ruiz (Spain) 13,900 pts.
6. Daniele Hypolito (Brazil) 13,700 pts.
7. Koko Tsumuri (Japan) 13,575 pts.
8. Elsa Garcia (Mexico) 13,175 pts.
9. Suzanne Harmes (The Netherlands) 12,650 pts.

Koko Tsurumi (Japan).  Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia).  Elena Zamolodchikova (Russia).  Sandra Izbasa (Romania).  The Floor final podium: Jiang Yuyan, Cheng Fei, Sandra Izbasa. 
(From left to right: Koko Tsurumi, Elena Zamolodchikova (*2), Sandra Izbasa, the medalists)

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