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By Bernard.

The ASCM Toulon in 2006.(city of Bourg en Bresse, May '06).

Soon are managed the '07 French Nationals of the teams in the city of Clermont-Ferrand (yes, the same place for the 2008 European Championships). Quite all the best French gymnasts are competing for their teams, even Emilie Lepennec for instance (team of Creteil)!
Kostiskal wil be at the '07 competition.
Here is a set of photos done last year in Bourg en Bresse with the team of Toulon: this team is giving the national team two talented gymnasts with erika Morel and Jenny Kohler.
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(click on the pictures to get the full size ones).

3rd ranked in 2005,

6th in 2006,

and great hopes for 2007.

A young team,

with nice and talented gyms,

and the regard on the future!


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