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Olga on the Moskova River for a commemorative ball. Jennifer Sutherland Cross-Stitch designs logo. Somes flowers for my Kostiskal friends.

I did this set of pages as a tribute to an Us artist: Jennifer Sutherland.
Jennifer , lives in the Ohio, former gymnast and now gym coach. She is a passionate fan of our sport and dedicates her life to. Jennifer is a winning coach: her levels 4 and 5 are winning gymnasts (District and Regional titles). Already in 2002, one of her girls, Tara, won the level 7 regional AA and her team got several medals. She also is an admirer of Russia (my country) and a good friend.
Amanar, Baitova, Khorkina, Comaneci, Onodi, Mirgorodskaia.

From a gym photo she is creating artistic cross-stitch works. Fully hand made, the source charts firstly are drawn and colored on papers. Then Jennifer does the stitching with the subtle art of creating a soul on the final frame. Gym fans choose their fave gym photo (from well-known gymnasts like Raducan, Olaru, Yarosh, Slater, past gym stars like Baitova, Comaneci, or from their own gym photo).
Have a look on two steps of a gym cross-stitch dedicated to Emilie Lepennec.
At the beginning.
A bit later.
We add soon the final art-work.

Her talent is now appreciated in several countries (Usa, Sweden, Belgium, Ukrainia, Japan, France, Russia, ...) and her works have been recently displayed on art galleries.
Have a look on somes of 2003 and 2004 Jennifer's Arts-works on the Display page.New page 2004 July 22th.
Visit the CyberStitchers.com Cross Stitch Galleries to learn more about this art.

Jennifer Sutherland: an US Gym Artist.

See somes of the Jennifer gym artistics needleworks:
Nadia Comaneci.
Tatiana Yarosh.
Svetlana Baitova.
Amanar, Slater.
Andreea Raducan.
Dina Kochetkova.
Karpenko, Comaneci.
More gym needleworks.

Contact Jennifer. More about the Jennifer works. Special thanks.

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