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Page written the December 8th by Olga and Bernard.

Here are two international results short comments. Interesting as they are confirming the World Championships results held in Belgium.
The 2001 Massilia Cup held in France:
The yearly competition held in the city of Marseille usually is the opportunity for Romanian triumphs and performances. Once again Romania won the team event, Russia 2nd (without its best girls competing at the Dtb Cup), Netherlands 3rd and Brazil 4th were the best teams. France and Ukrainia got the 5 and 6th ranks.
The best romanians competitors, Raducan, Cojocar and Stroescu finished 1st , 3rd and 6 th of the AA event! Their Russian rivals were 4th (Yezhova), 7th (Pavlova) and 8th (Kovaliova)??! Daniele Hypolito confirmed her today level winning the silver medal and Verona Van de Leur got a good 5th place. Kvasha Alona did the best performance of Ukrainia with the 9th rank. The best French performer was the young Nelly Soupe, 11th with 34.451 pts.
Despite the medium result of Alona and this promising result of Nelly, the future of the Ukrainian and French teams seem to be a bit in the shadow of the rising countries. Both have now a lot of work, both must accept the idea their ways of gymnastics must be improved, or changed!
The final events: two French gymnasts on Beam (Maud Colas 6th and Nelly Soupe 7th) and nothing else! French gymnasts... why aren't you participating more in foreign events? Dtb Cup, Chunichi Cup, Hypotheekshop Gymnastics Cup, Siska Cup, Swiss Cup and others? Experience only can be got by meets out of France, out of the 'home' audiences. It's the only way to have better results soon!
We have to notice the great day of Hypolito who performed the four finals: 5th on Vault, 3rd on Bars, 4th on Beam and 1st on Floor! And of course the results of the three Romanians! (more details soon with a special report and photos galleries from our friend Caroline).
The 2001 Hypotheekshop Gymnastics Cup held in Holland:
1: Verona Van de Leur with 37.075 pts, 2: Kristal Uzelac (Usa) with 36.025pts, 3rd: Suzanne Harmes with 35.637 pts, Oksana Chusovitina with 35.175 pts.
A new fine performance for the Uzbek girl who got a good 9.400 total on vault, also we can notice the low result of Irina Yarotska only 7th and without particular interesting routine. Of course we have to congratulate Verona Van de Leur for this new success. Remember also the name of Berber van den Berg, this young Dutch junior has defeated the Romanian (Monica Rosu and Madalina Rapeanu) and Us juniors (Tia Orlando and Maria Scaffidi) with an advantage of 1.5 pts!
Some interesting facts: the regular notes of Verona: 9.250 on Vault, 9.375 on Bars, 9.125 on Beam and 9.325 pts on Floor! The Dutch floors were well executed and interested to watch, Suzanne Harmes got a good 9.200 on Floor, Mirabella Akhunu performed the best junior floor, impressive series and a 9.100 pts note. The young Ukrainian was not so inspired on Bars (7.150 pts) and Beam (7.300 pts) and could only got the 4th place. She is a coming good gymnast, remember her name in 2004.

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