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By Bernard and Olga.
Photos: Stacey (thanks Jennifer!)
Gym History : ' 85 Worlds

Some words on a famous past competition: the Worlds of 85 in Montreal (Canada).
Here are some results and writing about an event dedicated to the most wonderful team of gymnastics : the Soviet Union team!. We have written this page to share our love of gymnastics and to remember a part of the Gymnastics History.
Many thanks to Jennifer Sutherland and Stacey Nobrega.
Ussr flag
A team competition easily dominated by the Soviet Union gymnasts. No more than 4.525 points ahead of the challenging Romanian team!
The Ussr team was including Stars like Natalia Yurtchenko, Olga Mostepanova, Irina Baraksanova, Oksana Omelianchik, Vera Kolesnikova and Elena Shushunova. Some of their titles were:
Elena was the European champion, 2nd at the Soviet Nationals, her coach were Viktor Gavrichenkov and Tamara Yatchenko, her choreographer was Elena Rasina, Yurtchenko the world champion, Omelianchik the Soviet champion and Olga Mostepanova, the brilliant winner of the famous '84 Alternate Games.
Elegancy, inovative skills, a high difficulty level and the perfect mix of experienced girls and talented hopes were contributing to compose a strong and quite perfect team.Such a team in L.A. 84 and the Gym history 'd have been incredibly changed.
Andrei Rodionienko took the right decision by starting all the rotations with Vera Kolesnikova, a strong and solid gymnast who launch the Soviet notations on a high level.
The Romanian team, young (controversy on the Silivas age for instance) and full of hopes could not rival, and even had to cope with the shadow of the solid East german team.
Romania competed with the following gymnasts: the team leader, the experienced Szabo 'Kati', who delighted the '84 Olympic watchers, Laura Cutina, Camelia Voinea, Celestina Popa, Eugenia Golea and the tiny but so talented Daniela Silivas. A large part of this team have composed the famous Romanian team of 87-88. It was the quite starting point of the rivalry Silivas vs Shushunova in the gym fan lovers heart.
The G.D.R. team was a strong group. Often forgotten by the gym lovers, the East-german girls got a great third place with 387.500. More competitive than the Romanian competitors on vault and bars, they only lost the silver medal on the beam rotations! They got a small 47.875 for a 49.000 to Romania on the optionals and a 47.450 for a 48.27 on compulsories. They were the best on Bars (a 10 for Faehnrich on the compulsory bars). The team was including gymnasts like Dagmar Kersten, Gabriele Fäehnrich, Ulricke Klotz, Jana Fuhrmann, Martina Jentsch.
Other interesting teams: Bulgaria was strong on compulsories with girls like Boriana Stoyanova, Diana Dudeva, Silvia Topalova, Pepa Kazakova, Bojanka Demireva and Maria Kartelova. They finished on a 4 th place, behind was Czechoslovakia with two well-known gymnasts : Alena Drevjana and Hana Ricna. The 6th place was for Usa despite of their inexperience and a weak level of performance on Bars, and the injury of Jennifer Sey on a missed Tkatchev.
Ussr flag
The Soviets got the first places of the AA competition tied for Omelianchik and Shushunova, a 6th place for an unlucky Yurchenko who failed again on bars (9.125 with a missed Tkatchev). Olga Mostepanova and Irina Baraksanova were withdrawn from the AA...
Romania: Szabo 5th, a steady Silivas 7th and Voinea 9th.
The East German team: Kersten 3rd, Faehnrich 4th and Klotz 13th.
The best Bulgarian, Boriana Stoyananova, finished 11th. Czechoslovakia got the 8th and 10th places of the AA (Hana Ricna and Iveta Polokova). Sabrina Mar got the best result of the Us team with a 14th place.
The '85 Worlds controversy was about the age of Daniela Silivas, born in May 1970 following the Federation, she was suspected to be younger. Now we know she is born in 71.
Natalia Yurtchenko did not get any individual medal, she was a good competitor for the team but due to mistakes, especially on bars, she could not be good enough to defend her 83 World title. Her coach was the famous Vladislav Rastorostsky from Rostov-on-Don. She retired the year after.
Shushunova introduced two new skills during the '85 Worlds:
-A jump direct to planche on beam.
-A straddle jump to prone drop on Fx.
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A look on the '85 Worlds results.

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