Us flag.'86 Usa vs Ussr meet.
By Bernard.
Ussr flag.

Gym fans and photographers, you may own gym photos you did from events held during the past years, World or European Championships, Nationals of any countries (France, U.k., Spain, Germany, Usa, Australia, ...), events from the 90's, the 80's or even before.
Don't keep such treasure in a box, in too much well-ordered places, contact us!!
We can surely find a way to share such treasure with the gym fans. Managing trades (photos for tapes for instance, the ways can be multiple), in exchange we add copyrights credits and any requested informations (e-mail contact, website url, comments or use conditions of the photos).
write to the 'Kostiskal Gym photos...' contact.
In all cases, remember we have created Kostiskal to share our passion for gymnastics, and we invite everyone to participate in.
Bernard, Kostiskal webmaster.

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