Us flag.'86 Usa vs Ussr meet.
By Olga and Bernard.
Ussr flag.

The Usa vs Ussr dual meet was one of the most famous meets of the 80's. Quite all the Soviet champions participated in these yearly competition. The most famous american gymnasts did too.
For instance the '82 event, won by Ussr for 0.10 pts (193.7 for 193.6!!) included gymnasts like Julianne Mc Namara, Kathy Johnson, Tracee Talevera, Olga Mostepanova, Alla Misnik, Tatiana Kim and the fine Valentina Shkoda. Valentina got the best individual result with 39.250 pts.

Ussr won the '83 meet (194.15 - 192.45) with girls like Albina Shishova, Olga Mostepanova, Alla Misnik, Elena Brazhnikova, Angelika Schennikova. The Us team included strong gymnasts like Julianne Mc Namara, Michelle Dusserre, Pam Bileck, Kathy Johnson.

1984 and 1985 were special years full of politics and the Olympics boycott stayed as a 'poor' performance of the Soviet era. And as usual, congratulations to Romania for the wonderful show of its gymnasts at the Los Angeles Olympics. 1985... the Soviet Ussr dream team brillantly won the Europeans and the Worlds.
1986... The Us team welcomed the powerful Soviet gymnastics team for a new dual meet. The Soviet team members: Svetlana Lebedinskaya, Eka Zeturidze, Vera Kolesnikova, Oksana Averkova, Natalia Frolova, Irina Baraksanova and the alternates who did not compete.
The Us team members: Stacey Gunthorpe, Marie Roethlisberger, Hope Spivey, Doe Yamashiro, Melissa 'Missy' Marlowe, Sabrina Mar.

Experienced gymnasts for a gorgeous performance!! Ussr won the meet (196.8 - 194.7).
The Soviet girls got the four best individual results: 1st were Lebedinskaya and Zeturidze with 39.350 pts, the fine Frolova third with 39.300 pts tied with Vera Kolesnikova. The best Us competitor, Gunthorpe Stacey got a 39.250 pts. It's interesting to notice the Us girls scored the best results on Bars (9.90 for Marlowe, 9.85 for Roethlisberger, Spivey and Gunthorpe). In fact the Ussr team won the dual meet on Balance beam with five competitors awarded with the 9.850 note!
Stacey Nobrega attended this meet in 1986. She took photos, good photos. Thanks to our close friend Jennifer, Kostiskal can publish the set of photos. We are proud to share with all gym fans this special gym moment coming from the past, coming from the years of the most wonderful gym we've ever seen.
Thanks Stacey, thanks Jennifer.
"Baraksanova, Frolova, Averkova, Lebedinskaya, Kolesnikova, Zeturidze, Omelianchik, ... the names of my youth years, the names of my dreams when I was a little gymnast."
(Olga Vetchina, Kostiskal team member).

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