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By Olga, Meredith and Bernard.

Some words about 1985.
In early 85 was the usual American Cup, won by Mary Lou Retton. The tiny Romanian Daniela Silivas got the second place. Coming just after the controversial year 1984 and the boycott of the '84 Olympic Games, the Soviet competitors didn't come in Usa.
At the same time two of them competed in Australia for the Internationals of Melbourne. Vera Kolesnikova won this event, the beautiful Natalia Yurtchenko 2nd. Natalia also finished third of the Ussr Nationals, aged 20 and still a fascinating beauty in her routines. National champion in 82 and 83, she was still able to rival with the rising girls like Omelianchik and Shushunova. At the opposite of the childish gym style (Gurova, Silivas,...), she was the symbol of the artistic gymnastics.
Still in mid '85, we found the young Svetlana Boguinskaia competing in Hungary for the International Hungarian Championships in Zalaegerszeg. She brillantly won the AA tied with the Romanian Lavinia Agache (both 38,35 pts), 3rd was Golea from Romania too, with 38,05 pts.
Eka Zeturidze won the yearly Amber Riga Invitational, Baraksanova and the promising Latschenova got an interesting tied third place. Makarytcheva participated in the Cottbus Cup to get a medium 6th place.
At the Druzhba east bloc competition held in Lodz in Poland, the young Ussr girls catched the eye, 12-14 years old, full of talent. Ussr easily won the team event title.
The results:
1st: Ussr with 197,20 pts, 2nd: Romania with 192,10 pts, 3rd: Bulgaria with 188,30 and 4th was Gdr with 186,725 pts.
Elena Gurova and Barutian, both 13 years old scored 39,60 pts. Schevchenko, 14 years got 39,40 pts and Laschenova, 12 years! got 39,30 pts. A fifth gymnast was ... Svetlana Boguinskaia - 12years old- (she finished 12th).
Just after her success in Druzhba, Gurova participated in the Daily Mirror Champions All meet in England. She was unlucky on Bars and finished on the 9th place letting the title to the tiny Romanian girl Silivas (innovative skills but not really expressive compared to the Soviet work). Gurova, Silivas,... children in the gym universe, both so far from the gymnastics of Yurtchenko and other young women gymnasts.
May 1985: the European Championships and the gorgeous results of the Soviet team, with a successful transition between the gym generations! Oksana Omelianchik (third) and Shushunova (first), opened the agtes of a brilliant time, Yurtchenko, only 10th, could have been close the 3rd/4th places without bad vaulting performing. Baraksanova and Mostepanova were the other Soviet team members. Already a real dream team! The 85 Worlds in Montreal confirmed the success of the Ussr gym some months later.
Oksana Omelianchik who mixed personality, complex series and good moves owned a powerful style similar to the today gymnastics! She also won the Grand Prix of Rome, performing one of the best Floor exercises of the year, 4th was Mursunenko. Kravtchouk participated in the Bulgarian Golden Sands meet of Varna, getting a fourth place. This meet was interesting as the Bulgarian team achieved its preparation for the Worlds, and the observers watched a strong home team.
We wrote this page in the goal to show the dynamic of gymnastics: the oldest competitors, the youngests and as a final result a part of the 1985 gymnastics history.

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