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By Bernard.

Daniela Silivas first gym years.

Daniela Silivas was the Romanian Star of the mid 80's. She remained as the symbol of the tiny and childish gymnastics style for many observers. She won her first major titles in 81 and 82 getting the Romanian Junior Championships. The obvious and strange specificity was her small height, 1m 30 in 1983! Of course when she began competing in the International events, the controversy about her real age and her child body burst out. At the same time a newcomer from Ussr owned similar features: Elena Gurova.
Silivas participated in International meets in 83 and 84, her results were good for a so young girl. But in reality they needs a lot of efforts, pains. She got experience and mental strength, qualities who allowed her to rival the Ussr stars from 1985 to 1988.
An interesting result of Daniela came from Barcelona at the '84 Blume memorial where she defeated the fine home star Laura Munoz (Laura did the L. A. Olympics), and the Ussr gymnast Valentina Shkoda. At the CocaCola Int meet, she got the 2nd AA place. Some weeks before Silivas also finished 2nd AA at the Riga International, winning two finals on Vault and Floor.
Daniela won the '85 Champions All (the whole name is 'Daily Mirror Champions All Tournament') held in London. She defeated solid competitors like Hana Ricna , the Us girl Yolande Mavity and her Ussr rival Elena Gurova. Daniela performed strong routines, steady and technically brilliant, but also without grace, no elegance, in fact an elite gymnastics for a child body. Watching the records of 84 and 85 we still feel some strange impressions seeing daniela competing. She got a medium 9.40 on Floor far from the wonderful routine of Gurova awarded with a 9.750. Gurova who really was 13 years old already looked as a 'normal' young gymnast. The older Hana Ricna and her experience showed a wonderful exercice with just a lack of accuracy.
April 85 Daniela won the International Romanian Championships (tied with Ekaterina Szabo, a real performance!)). The '85 European women's championships held in Finland can be considered as the beginning of the strong and real Silivas gym career. Despite her medium results, 8th AA, 7th on Bars, 5th on Beam, 3rd on Floor, she perfectly coped with the stress competition and showed she was the rising star of Romania, sharpening her style, the Daniela's gymnastics.
My gym friend Caroline was a fan of  Daniela Silivas, she perfectly knows her palmares, her story.
E-mail to Caroline for any question about Silivas.
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