French gym results in Patras 2002.
By Olga and Bernard.

A French gym question: which future?

Here is a set of pages about the French results at the 2002 European Championships held in Patras (Greece): some comments and some words about the future of the team. To comment our opinions, write to us to the following adresses:
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Junior team results comments.
Patras 2002, the French junior female team got a good third place defeating Ukrainia , Netherlands and Spain. Interesting result for the team!
1. Russia with 108.223 pts.
2. Romania with 107.379 pts.
3. France with 106.527 pts.
4. Ukrainia with 105.377 pts.
5. Netherlands 103.171 pts.
As usual, we didn't see a French competitor in the AA event (team strategy first!). The Federation priviledges the individual results in event finals. Then we found French girls in three finals:

Bars: Gaelle Richard (5th) and Emilie Lepennec (8th).
Beam: Marine Debauve (5th) and Emilie Lepennec (6th).
Floor: Coralie Chacon (7th) and Emilie Lepennec (8th).

No qualified for the Vault final (it's not really a surprise!?). Emilie Lepennec did three finals. Fine! It seemed the national coach and Emilie did the choice to not compete for the AA. Emilie already performs steady routines contents but is inexperienced. She absolutely needs to individually compete on more international competitions (out of France of course!). It's the right way to become the strongest girl of the French team for the 2003 Worlds.
French flag.

Congratulations to Emilie Lepennec, Gaelle Richard, Coralie Chacon, Marine Debauve and the Strong Soraya Chaouch.. Good luck for the new gym season.
Senior team results comments.
And the French gym future?

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