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Kostiskal Gym History quiz. (August 2000).
Do you know the gymnastics History? The gymnasts from Romania, France , Ussr and Russia?

1) Henrietta Onodi is the Vault Olympic champion of 92, also vault World champion 92.

2) Karine Boucher won three national titles, got the 4th rank at the American Cup and more than all showed the way to all the today French gymnasts.

3) Laetitia Begue was the best hope of the French team in 95 and 96, 2nd at the Junior Europeans 94 in Sweden, a knee injury stopped her elite gym career.

4) 6 Olympics medals, 79 World champion...Nelly Kim is the early 80's Soviet star!

5) Karine Mermet won the French Nationals in 89,90 and 91, and she was coached by the famous Sacha Zaruba (he coached a lot in France after the Ussr break down.)

6) The 85 AA and Floor World champion was Oksana Omelianchik, alternate in Seoul 88.

7) East Germany got all the Bars worlds title between 79 and 85. Maxi Gnauck and Gabi Faenhrich are the two gymnasts who got these titles. The 87 Worlds bars title was tied for Shushunova (Ussr) and Silivas (Romania).

8) Cerna was the Czechoslovakian girl who got the Beam World title.

9) Elena Shushunova won five Ussr Cups, 83, 85, 86, 87, 88, and one Soviet National Championships.

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