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Kostiskal Gym History quiz 9. (August 2000).
Do you know the gymnastics History? The gymnasts from Romania, France , Ussr and Russia?
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1) Vault Olympic champion in 92, Vault World champion in 92, European champion on bars in 89, and a lot more of good results.

2) French National Champion in 86, 87 and 88, 4th at the American Cup, this wonderful gymnast was one of the first French girls able to perform like the stars of the 80's from Ussr, Romania, Usa or China. After her retirement, she competed in tumbling sports.

3) French National Champion in 94, 2nd at the 94 junior Europeans, this innovative and nice gymnast was one of the best hopes for the Games of Atlanta in 96. Unluckily, an injury let her out of the team.

4) This Soviet gymnast got 6 Olympic medals (five golds). She was the 79 World Champion and won the Vault World title in 78.

5) French Champion in 89,90 and 91, she trained a bit in Usa, and she was also coached by the former coach of Olga Strazheva : Sacha Zaruba.

6) 85 AA and Floor World champion, alternate in Seoul 88.

7) Between 79 and 85, the competitors of this country got the Bars World title. Which country?
Tell us the gymnasts who got these titles.
Who took the World Bars title in 1987?

8) Every gym fan knows who is Vera Caslavska, the Czechoslovakian woman was the 1966 AA World Champion and the great star of the 68 Olympics. She also got two Vault World titles in 62 and 66 and was the 65 and 67 European Champion! But do you know another gymnast from this same country got the Beam World title at the end of the 70's?

9) She won 5 Ussr Cups and one Ussr National champion title.

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