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Ussr Gym quiz 8. (April 2000).
Do you know the Ussr Champions? All the Soviet Stars? Are you sure?

1) Maria Filatova participated in the '76 Games of Montreal.

2) Leonid Arkaev !!

3) Alla Misnik won the female title and Yuri Korolyev won the male title.

4) She got the Ussr National AA title in 1984 (2nd at the 1983 Nationals).

5) Tatiana Gutsu in 1991. (Ussr didn't exist since December '91).

6) Elena Shushunova in 1987 and Natalia Yurtchenko in 1982. (Natalia Shaposhnikova did so in 1979).

7) Elena Davydova got the Uneven Bars national title in 1977!

8) Natalia Yurtchenko, coached by the famous coach Vladislav Rastorotsky.
   Olga Bitcherova, one of the most elegant gymnast I've ever seen, was not in Moscow for the Spartakiades.
   Elena Shushunova finished third, she also was impressive in every event she took part in. (we recommend the reading of the old 'Sports in the Ussr' about this year 83).
   Dmitry Bilozerchev was the men's AA winner of the '83 Spartakiades.

9) Maria Filatova, she got the '78 Ussr Beam title and the Floor one too.

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