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Ussr Gym quiz 8. (April 2000).
Do you know the Ussr Champions? All the Soviet Stars? Are you sure?
Try my new gym quiz! -Olga-

1) In Montreal 76, the Ussr members were Elvira Saadi, Lyudmilla Turischeva, Nelli Kim, Olga Korbut, Svetlana Grozdova, and...?

2) Who was the head coach of the Ussr men team in 1976?!

3) Who won the '81 Moskow News?

4) Natalya Ilyenko was 2nd at the '81 Moskow News. In which year did she win the Ussr Nationals?

5) Who was the last official Ussr national champion?

6) In the '80s, two girls won both Ussr Nationals and Ussr cup in the same year. Who?

7) The '80 Olympic Champion Elena Davydova won the Ussr Nationals in 81, she got the national titles on Vault in 80 and 81, Floor in 1981 and one title more... which one?

8) In '83 was a great gym competition in Ussr during the Spartakiades, all the coming stars of this era were participating in: Baraksanova, Omelianchik, Schennikova, Mostepanova, Frolova, Yelena Polevaya ('81 Ussr nationals Bars winner), Ilyenko ('81 Floor World Champion), ...
Who was the Star of the competitions winning all gold medals?
The '81 World Champion was not competing there due to an injury. Who was this elegant gymnast?
A young tiny girl from Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) was the revelation of the AA getting the third place. Who?
Who won the men's AA title?

9) Who won the 1977 World Cup held in Spain? (She also was the '77 Soviet Champion and National Beam Champion).

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