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Gym Quiz 7 about Russia. (February 2000).

1) The surprising third ranked at the 98 Nationals was Nina Kartseva.

2) Yulia Korostilyova won the floor gold at the 98 Eco air and at the 97 Nationals.

3) Kuznetsova is from the Dynamo.

4) Anna Kovalyova is the hope of Russia, despite her medium results of 99, she is a gorgeous competitor.

5) Annya Chepeleva won the fx final of the Top Gym 99 and was 2nd AA.

6) Elena Produnova won the 99 Russian Cup.

7) Ksenia Kekkonen is the friend of Kovalyova and she is coming from the Novgorod gym school.

8) Kuznetsova was the tiny girl seen at the Goodwill Games in Saint-Petersburg 94.

9) Dolgopolova won the 96 Buratino Cup ,the 97 China Motor Cup ,well ranked at the Nationals, from the Army Sports Club of Moscow.

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