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Gym Quiz 7 about Russia.
Russia is one of the best gymnastics teams with experienced gymnasts and hopeful girls.
Do you know the palmares of the Russian gymnasts? Can you reply to my quiz?
Smile and have fun with it. :-)   -Olga- (February 2000).

1) She was the surprising third AA ranked at the Nationals in '98 October. She only participated in some competitions outside Russia ans is not well known abroad. She is one of the prettiest Russian young gymnast.

2) A promising gymnast, tall and elegant, very good on floor. She won the floor gold medal at the '96 Chunichi Cup, at the '97 Russian National, at the '98 Eco Air Cup. She was injuried in 96 but is still competing today.

3) From the Dynamo of Saint-Petersburg, a strong member of the national team, her fave apparatus is beam. She was the Star of the '95 European Youth Olympic Games.

4) She was obviously the best hope of the Russian gymnastics for 99 and 2000 and Sydney. This very fine girl already got many awards and medals. national junior champion in 94, she won the '98 Moscow Stars (first on floor at the '97 event). She also won the national title in March '98. Since several months, she seems to be less competitive excepted at the Cottbus Grand Prix event where she got the gold on floor.

5) She won the floor final at the last Top Gym Tournament and got the silver of the AA.

6) 9th at the '97 Russian Nationals, 5th at the March '98 nationals, national champion in March '99, winner of the '99 Russian Cup (10th in '96 and 5th in '97), and a lot of international medals!!

7) Anna Kovaliova is coming from the club of Novgorod. A second young gymnast is coming from this same club. She is also a Russian hope and a friend of Anna. Her coach was Yefimova.

8) She was 2nd at the '95 Catania Cup, '98 European champion on beam, first recently at the 'Copa Internacional' in Mexico, and the gym fans remember having seen her near the Russian girls during the Goodwill Games of 94!!

9) A wonderful smile, a blonde hair girl from the Army Sports Club of Moscow, winner of the Buratino Cup 96, '97 China Motor Cup, often well ranked at the nationals (3rd in '96, 6th in '97, 3rd in '98, 10th in March '99).

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