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Cathy and Bernard  Gym Quiz #6 (December 99).
Do you know the Boguinskaia Gym results??

1) The first World Championships of Svetlana was the event of 87, she got a 2nd rank by team, a third one on beam.

2) Svetlana Baitova is the sixth member of the Soviet team in Seoul 88.

3) In Seoul, A gold medal by team, one on vault, A silver on floor, a third rank during the AA.

4) Liubov Miromanova.

5) Five medals at the '90 European Championships.

6) In Indianapolis, Boguinskaia got the team title, the silver at the AA and a world title on beam.

7) It was the 'Carmen Suite'.

8) At the German '90 Dtb Cup, she got a 8th rank. She did three competitions during the three weeks before this German event and came very tired.

9) At the Goodwill Games, Svetlana got the team title, the 2nd rank of the AA and she won a bronze medal on Beam and the title on floor tied with Kalinina.

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