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Cathy and Bernard  Gym Quiz #6 (December 99).
Do you know the Boguinskaia Gym results?? Can you answer to all the asks of this Gymquiz?

1) Tell us when was her first World Championships? (and where?)

2) In Seoul 88, she competed in the Soviet dream team with Elena Choushounova, Olga Strajeva, Natalia Laschenova, Elena Chevtchenko. Who was the sixth teammate of Svetlana during the 88 Olympics?

3) How many medals she got at the '88 Olympics?

4) She was the essential coach of Svetlana. She coached her during her first steps in gymnastics and was the 'creator' of Boguinskaia. She coached the Junior Soviet team.

5) Svetlana Boguinskaia won 5 Gold medals in the same event. What is this competition? And when?

6) At the '91 Indianapolis Worlds, Boguinskaia got the second rank of the AA and the Team title.
What was the other title she got?

7) She performed on this theme in 1988.

8) In mid November '90, Svetlana won the Chunichi Cup and the Tokyo Cup. Some days after, she participated in the German Dtb Cup. What was her result on the AA?

9) At the '90 Goodwill Games, Svetlana won the team title, got the second rank of the AA (Natalia Kalinina was the winner). What were her two other medals?

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