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The solutions are...

Cathy and Bernard  Gym Quiz #5 (September 99).

1) Onodi won the Dtb Cup in 89 and 90.

2) Maxi Gnauck of East Germany was the non-Soviet Stars of Olomouc 84 with a gold on bars , one gold on Floor (tied with Mostepanova), 3rd on vault, 2nd by team and 3rd on the AA (with Shushunova).

3) The tademark skill of Alena Drevjana is the double turn inside lunge position on beam.

4) A Karpenko is a clear hip circle, half turn to elgrip on Ub.

5) The European Junior 78 was Emilia Eberle of Romania.

6) Gurova of Ussr was the first to perform the double twisting layout, and she never participated in Olympics and only at one World Championships.

7) Julianne Mc Namara.

8) Strazheva won the '89 Ussr Cup.

9) Piskun is the owner of this great palmares!

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