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By  Olga  and Bernard.

Cathy and Bernard  Gym Quiz #5 (September 99).
Cathy is currently a coach and a gym judge. She perfectly knows Gymnastics and its History.
Can you answer to all the asks of her Gymquiz?

1) She won the Dtb Cup Cup in 89 and 90, the Chunichi Cup in 91. Who is she?

2) She is not a Soviet girl but was one of the Stars of the Olomouc Spartakiades of 84.

3) What was the trademark skill of Alena Drevjana?

4) What is a Karpenko on Bars?

5) She won the Junior Europeans in...78!

6) She never competed in Olympics, participated in only one World Championships, but was the first to perform the double twisting layout Yurtchenko!

7) '80 Us champion, winner of the American Cup in '82, a 10 at the '84 Olympics, she only retired in 87. Who is this gymnast?

8) The winner of the '89 Ussr cup was...?

9) She won the '95 Varna Golden Sands, '95 South African Cup, '96 Australia Cup, '96 Catania Cup, '93 and '96 Artur Gander Memorial! So, a great palmares. Who is this gymnast?

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