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Cathy and Bernard  Gym Quiz #3 (August 99)
You love gym? You know gym? Skills have no secret for you?

1) Isabelle Severino defeated both Amanar and Khorkina during the Blume Tournament of Barcelona.

2) The difference between the Straddle split and the Oversplit is coming from the legs positions.

3) Oksana Fabrichnova first performed the double twisting double back tucked dismount. The skill has been named after her after the '93 Worlds.

4) A Touzhikova is a full twisting double layout. (1/1 twist in the first salto). It's an E rated skill.

5) Yelena Shushunova got the second rank at the '83 Chunichi cup! (won by Mary Lou Retton).

6) The valuation order of the three skills is: The layout jaeger (rated E), the straddled Jaeger (rated D) and the tucked Jaeger (rated C).

7) The alternate of the '88 Soviet team in Seoul was Oksana Omelianchik.

8) Some of the gymnasts coached by Oleg Ostapenko: Viktorya Karpenko (of course!), Tatiana Lyssenko, Natalia Kalinina, Elena Abrashitova, Aleftina Pryakhina (before been coached by Klimenko).

9) Silivas, Potorac, Bontas, Popa, Dobre and L. Filip were composing the Romanian team at the '89 Worlds of Stuttgart.

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