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Cathy and Bernard  Gym Quiz #3 (August 99)
Test your knowledge on Gymnastics History.
You love gym? You know gym? Skills have no secret for you?

1) The name of the French gymnast who defeated both Simona Amanar and Svetlana Khorkina in an AA event in 97?

2) What is the prime difference between the Straddle split and the Oversplit?

3) Who first performed the Double twisting double back tucked dismount?

4) What is a Touzhikova on Floor?

5) The name of the Ussr gymnast defeated by Mary Lou Retton at the '83 Chunichi Cup?

6) What is the right valuation order (best first) of these 3 skills?
Straddled Jaeger, tucked Jaeger, layout Jaeger?

7) Who was the alternate of the '88 Ussr Olympic team?

8) The name of 4 gymnasts coached by Oleg Ostapenko (excepted V. Karpenko of course!) ?

9) At the '89 Worlds in Stuttgart, the Romanian team was including Silivas, Dobre, Popa, Potorac, Bontas and ...?

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