The Countryside Gymnastics of Lebanon (Ohio/Usa).

A golden Team!

Jennifer Sutherland is a wonderful artist creating cross-stitches dedicated to our gymnastics. She was a gymnast some years ago and now is dedicating a large part of her life to gymnastics.
She today is a winning coach! She works at the Countryside Gymnastics of Lebanon, Ohio State in the U.s.
The teams of this club did an excellent 2001-2002 season, winning the Level 4 title and piles of medals, the 2002-2003 season is a consecration for the countryside Gymnastics of Lebanon: new titles and promising gymnasts are giving to the club great delight and emotions.
The Level 4 group won the Team title of the District of Southwest Ohio (14 teams in this group). The team did a strong performance with the record score of 108.25, the average score being 8.325!
The Level 5 became the State champion of Ohio, undefeated during the season. Several of the girls already won the last year level 4 title.
Successes on all level and grades: The club won the 1st place in each age division at the Regional championships (end of April)... Cadets (10 and under), Prep(11/12), Junior(13/14) with only one girl , but she took 1st in the AA. One needs three gymnasts to qualify as a "team".
The club is also including Seniors (15 and older).
The Stars of the Countryside Gymnastics of Lebanon Ohio gym club.

The different Level teams are including promising and talented gymnasts: Tara, Nicole, Kelsey, Ellie, Kristy...
Ellie is one of the stars of the team, only 3 months in a preparatory class, then one season at Level 4 and now already Level 5 at age 9! She masters the clear hip circle backwards to glide kip, a skill required of Level 6.
Kelsey , age 10, level 4, also is a strong contender of the Jennifer's Level 4 Team.
With good coaches (jennifer, Peggy and all the team staff), talented gymnasts and the victory taste since two years, the Coutryside Gymnastics of Lebanon has taken a winning way. We are happy and proud to send our wishes of success for the coming season.

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