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The Massilia Gym Cup History.

From the '88 edition with the China podium Fan Di, Li Pey Yu, Huang Yi and the 4th place of Marie-Angeline Colson to the '07 edition and the success of the Italian junior Paola Galante, the Massilia Gym Cup is a central rendez-vous for many gymnasts each year.
Here are some selected facts of the Massilia Gym Cup History.

-1989: success of the young and tiny Henrietta Onodi.

-1990: victory of the Ussr gymnast Tatiana Groshkova, French Elodie Lussac got the third place (Elodie finished second in 1991 and 1992). It was a new team victory for Ussr and Groshkova with her teammates Lyudmilla Stovbchataya, Irina Viatinina and Oksana Karavaeva. We also noticed the very young Adrienn Nyeste competing for Hungary.

-1991: the last official event of the USSR team, Ussr dissolution took place in December some weeks after, replaced by the independent states community then by the Russian Federation.   The Soviet team was composed by Svetlana Kozlova, Anna Zaitseva, Oksana Knizhnik, Svetlana Avdeeva, Nadezhda Batitsheva and Olga Shugaeva. Ussr won its last team event.
Individual success for Svetlana Kozlova from Ussr, Elodie Lussac got the second place. Svetlana Kozlova got a 10 note during the Vault final.

-1992: new nations arrived in the events like Belarus and Ukraine. Lilya Podkopayeva got a 12th AA place and Romanian Maria Neculita won the individual competition. Oksana Knizhnik was competing for Ukraine and a young Hungarian was competing: Adrienn Varga.

-1993: Individual success of Svetlana Khorkina, not yet the queen of the Uneven Bars as she finished 6th of the bars final, Russian team victory for Svetlana and her teammates Oksana Nikolaeva, Natalia Bobrova and Elena Grosheva.
Bad year for the French gymnasts, Eleonore Couffe was the only to really rival with the title on the Beam event final and the AA 8th place.

-1994: one of the best Massilia Cup with Svetlana Khorkina (1st), Oksana Fabrichnova (2nd), Cecile Canqueteau (3rd), and also the participation of Yulia Yurkina, Simona Amanar, Laetitia Begue, Shapornaya Yelena, Elvire Teza, Dina Kochetkova, Andreea Raducan, Oksana Knizhnik.

During the three following years, the status of central tournament was confirmed with the participation of many elite gymnasts: Lavinia Milosovici, Simona Amanar, Gina Gogean, Maria Olaru, Mirela Tugurlan, Laetitia Bégue, Cécile Canqueteau, Nelly Rammasamy, Svetlana Khorkina, Yulia Korostelieva, Viktoria Karpenko, Daniele Hypolito, and a lot of names more!

-2000 with Romanian magic trio Simona Amanar, Maria Olaru and Andreea Raducan who did the show. The wonderful Dutch junior team was competing, led by Verona Van de Leur. Melodie Vaudable was one of the French stars.

-2002 with a special French junior team with Marine Debauve, Emilie Lepennec and Gaelle Richard, also the Romanian Oana Ban got the AA title and a young European champion delighted the gym fans...Anna Pavlova.

-2003: Romanian Andreea Munteanu and Monica Rosu as stars and Hollie Vise competed for US. Soraya Chaouch was the best French competitor (4th place).

-2005: managed before the Worlds of Melbourne, the competition was the last test for the French team with Emilie Lepennec and Isabelle Severino. Elena Zamolodchikova competed for Russia, Ashley Priess and Shayla Worley for the USA. Kassi Price got the individual victory.

-2007: the promising Italian junior Paola Galante won the individual title, Youna Dufournet performed a fully fascinating competition with a 3rd AA place (some months later, she got the Vault and Bars junior European titles in Clermont-Ferrand) and China came with Sui Lu Xin Zhang and Xiao Tingting (2nd). The young Romanian Anna Porgras got an impressive 14.950 pts on Beam (some months later, she won the '08 junior European title on this apparatus).

-and now 2008... Aliya Mustafina, the French new star Youna Dufournet and the Olympic champion Anastasia Liukin will be the stars!
And the total heroes are going to be Gymnastics and the Birthday of a prestigious international competition.
Below are some photos from the '07 competition.
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Giulia Hindermann.

Amelia Racea.

Alena Pronina.

Alena Pronina.

Youna Dufournet.

Nastajia Blind.

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