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Before the ' 08 Massilia Gym Cup.

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Here are some informations about some announced competitors for the coming '08 Massilia Gym Cup. Four gymnasts from China, Russia and Australia who are coming to the 20th Massilia Cup competed some months ago at the same competition held in San Jose (Usa).
Viktorya Komova (Russia), Mengsi Tian (China), Emily Little and Britt Greely were competing at the Pacific Rim Championships.

Mengsi Tian:
Mengsi Tian (China) competed in the senior competitions: Vault 4th with 14.075 pts, 8th on Bars in a high level final including Nastia Liukin, Jana Bieger, Lauren Mitchell, Dasha Joura.
She got the 7th AA place with 58.025 pts (14.650 on Vault, 14.275 on Bars, 15.200 on Beam and 13.900 on Floor).
Her Balance Beam routine includes: front tuck. Round off layout to two feet Full turn with leg up. Front aerial. Back tuck, sheep jump. Rulfova. Double pike

Viktorya Komova:
Viktorya Komova (Russia) competed at the Pacific Rim with strong routines but also some execution weakeness. She got the 4th place of the Bars and Balance Beam finals. Lack of accuracy put her on the Floor final 7th place. US gymnasts Samantha Shapiro and Rebecca Bross did the show and showed they are better prepared in their road to the senior elite level (highest A-notes for them).
Anyway, Viktorya has recently joined the junior level, she displayed an interesting A-note of 6.900 on Beam and only need to be more precise (8.80 on B-note for the final, she was 4th, the medalists got around 9.30). Same fact on Floor (5.900 and good contents but again lack of experience and precision in the work).

Viktorya competed some weeks before at the '08 Woga Classic: 3rd AA with 56.450 pts. We notice she got an excellent 15.400 on Beam and she was in difficulty on Floor (13.350 pts).

Here is the Viktorya Komova Uneven Bars work: kip cast stalder up, blind, jaeger, kip cast, giant 1/2 , pike stalder, geinger, kip cast, giant , giant 1/1, tkatchev , kip cast , pak, kip cast 1/2 toe up, giant double pike.
On Beam, front pike, bhs lay lay, arabian, onodi, sheep jump, switch leap, 1/1 turn leg up, front aerial, side somi, ro double arabian.
On floor the routine is composed by ro 1 1/2 ro ff double arabian, full in, 2/1 turn leg up , switch leap split leap 1/1, 2/1 turn, double pike, switch ring, ro ff 3/1.

Emily Little:
Emily Little (Australia), born in 1994 will become senior in 2010, she is coming from the Western Australian Institute of Sports and is the prime Australian hope for the coming years with an impressive improvement and work abilities. Emily was AA 11th and Britt 10th at the Pacific Rim Championships. Emily Little was 5th with 14.400 on Vault, Britt Greely entered the Beam final and got the 7th rank.

Emily Little palmares:
2004 Nationals (level 6) 4th AA and 1st on Beam.
2006 Nationals (level 10 International) 11th AA.
2007 Nationals (level 10 International) 1st AA, 3rd on Bars, 2nd on Beam and 2nd on Floor.
2007 National Clubs (Junior) 2nd AA, 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Bars, 1st on Floor.
2008 Pacific Rim Championships: 11th AA, 5th on Vault and 4th by team.
2008 Nationals (Junior) 1st AA, 4th on Bars, 1st on Beam, 1st on floor.

Britt Greely:
Britt Greely (Australia), born in 1993 (July 17th) will be senior in 2009, talented gymnast stopped during the years 2006 and 2007 after a serious knee injury. She returned to competition in December 2007 for the Australian National Club Championships in Camberra.

Britt Greely palmares:
2004 Victorian State Championships: (Level 10 International) 2nd AA.
2004 Nationals: (Level 10 International) 1st AA.
2005 National Clubs: (Level 10 International) 1st AA.
2005 WOGA Classic (Usa): 11th Junior AA.
2006 Pacific Alliance Championships: 5th by Team.
2007 National Clubs: (Junior) 5th AA, 2nd on Beam.
2008 Woga Classic (Usa): 5th AA.
2008 Pacific Rim Championships: 10th AA, 7th on Beam and 4th by Team.
2008 Nationals: (Junior) 2nd AA, 1st on Bars, 2nd on Beam, 3rd on Floor.

Britt Greely's Beam routine includes: frt aerial, bhs layout, side somi, aerial 2 ft, full turn, switch leap back tuck, side aerial, ro dbl pike.

(Special thanks to the 'A - Z' Australian gymnastics for the Aussies palmares.)

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