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By Caroline and Bernard.

My friend Caroline attended the 2000 Massilia Gym Cup held in Marseille. Kostiskal already showed several set of photos from this competition. Today here is the report of my lovely Caro.
The competition was very interesting as usual but because of the end of the olympic cycle and an understanding lassitude some countries declined the Marseille's invitation.
Usually at the Open Massilla a dozen of teams compete, this year only 3 teams from France were present: the junior from the local town, the junior from Dijon and the gymnasts from Meaux (near Paris). The girls from Marseille easily won with a superb Magali Carosso. Watch for her in the future, she's only 13 years old but owns some efficient routines and a wonderful floor exercice created by Andriana Pop. Her music sounds a kind of rap which is perfect to take photos!!
If at the start the number of the teams was less important, the level of this meeting is constant and still impressive.
Romania came to Marseille as the defending Massillia team champion, that means with no weakness with the magic trio composed by: Amanar, Raducan and Olaru. Octavian Belu always repeat to the journalists that he likes this competition, not only for its high level but more than this for its spirit, its ambiance. No surprise, the romanians eclipsed the other teams and fly high the competition.
By the side of the romanian domination it became obvious the competition would feature a miniduel: the russia versus the Ukraine for the silver team medal. On one side 3 ukrainian olympians Tirik, Yarosh and Teslenko, on the other side only one (Kolesnikova) but the 96 olympian Evguenia Kuznetsova followed by Privalova. We've to wait for the last rotation to see Russia preceding Ukraine. Russia stayed out of serious troubles to score well while Ukraine lost points on beam with few breaks and falls.
The Netherland headed by juniors Wammes, Hammes and Van der Leur (that's to say the half of the team who triumphed at Paris) put up a superb effort to finish closer behind the third place. Few errors on beam (usually their weakness event) prevented them for reaching the bronze, but they are definitively ones to watch for the future! These gymnasts are very graceful, tall for their young age and are mixing skill and elegance.
They came confidently at Marseille after an impressive serie of victories in some minor competitions. They train very very hard, as long as the romanians (a reference on this point)! Even the sunday morning, when everybody still sleep, they worked out! Their coach told me they look for now some big competitions such the Massillia Gym Cup where they can confront themselves with the top nation. Welcome back charming dutch gymnasts!
And France? The French Federation decided to let the Olympians on rest and they replaced them by our juniors. A healthy Peron (bronze medal on floor at the last jr europeans ) would have been great but unfortunately an injury reduced the shape of Marlene. So Melanie Vaudable, stable on all event, led the team, seconded by Aurelie Hedouin. France finished at its place, conform to its level : fifth.
The last but not the least, China! The tiny chineses (12, 13, 14 years old) who never competed abroad before throw into raptures the Marseille's public with amazing beam routines. The bars were good too but not spectacular. Above all they experienced landing difficulties on vault and poor tumbling. Strong beam routines are not enough to play first. Difficult beam skills are good but clean and solid routines on all events are better to my mind!
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