Mad as a cut snake page!!
By Meredith and Bernard.
We are American citizens!
Kostiskal is a website dedicated to Gymnastics, to the passion for our sport. We are often writing our opinions, our minds. Today we have decided to write this special page about the September 11th 2001 facts as we both think we MUST do it to contribute on our small level to the fight against bestiality and cowardice.
Tragedy in U.s., tragedy for the civilized World.
Our hearts go out to the victims and families of all who were lost in the stupid and bestial act of terrorism held in New-York last Tuesday September 11th 2001.
Horror and tragedy hit the civilized World in New-York, Washington and Vicksburg...
Shame and disgrace on terrorism and people who decided such attacks. Terrorists, religious leaders who always talk about 'Jihad' and death, must remember the Dark Ages are over since a pile of centuries!!
Such people are not from the Human-beings, but are coming from the worst bestial and animal specie! The real Islam religion is NOT talking of killing innocent victims, is NOT talking of doing dark and hidden acts of war... We both have Muslim friends living in France and Australia and all them are telling us the Koran is NOT including such call to bestial acts of war.
Too right!! These terrorists and the people who decided to send them are bestial individuals but not religious leaders! They must pay for their acts.
We both tell all our Us penpals we are American citizens in our feelings, sad and crying for the victims, thinking about the families, watching the great job of the rescuers, thinking about the injuried people. We get angry with these terrorists who are still living in out-of-dates ways of thinking.
U.s. is now on war against a dangerous, hidden and bestial enemy. We believe in freedom, in the civilized way of life and we know U.s. and each country defending the same ideals are going to destroy this plague. (U.S., France, Australia and all other countries of liberty, be brave and win!)
It's time of mourning, prayers. our thoughts are close by our friends living in Usa, especially Kelly and Alicia who live in N. Y., and Jennifer who has relatives in New-York. So, the coming Kostiskal updates are for October.
God bless America!
Written Saturday September 15th 2001.
By Kostiskal owners: Meredith Leura and Bernard Garau.
co-signed by Marion Anceneau, Gaelle Iruxa, Olga Vetchina.

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