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By Meredith and Bernard.

August 15th 2001 - page 8.

2001 Meet in Deva : new Romanian triumph, new French ...disaster!
Held in Deva (Romania) the August 11th 2001, the meet Romania - France - Bulgaria gave a new fine success to the Romanian girls. Winning with more than 13 pts over the French team is a gorgeous result. What is happening to the women French team?
First at all the team was really unlucky with two injuried competitors, Delphine Regease who is today the central gymnast of the team and the rising Betty Dupin. Delphine who have started a fine gym career in 99 has become a kind of leader after the leaving of Elvire Teza.
Betty Dupin, according to our friend Caroline Paulian, Kostiskal reporter and free-lance writer for the French Federation gymnastics magazine 'Le Gymnaste', is a strong gymnast, motivated and who perfectly knows her steady routines can allow her to enter the National team. She doesn't own inovative nor exceptional routine but she owns the will to look ahead. And today the French team needs such steady gymnasts to keep its medium level.
Maybe some visitors are wondering where is Ludivine Furnon? She stopped gymnastics during five weeks, trying to find a new mental strength, a new motivation after 10 months of bad results and uncertainties about her gym career. She left the 2000 Nationals after the first rotation, was injuried some days before the Sydney Games during the preparation stage in Noumea, she participated in several events but with poor results. The today ask? Is it possible to see her in an enough competitive form this Summer and for the Worlds in Belgium?
To our mind, it's a truly uneasy challenge for Ludivine, and due to the new code of points, the obligation she had to build a whole new floor routine, and the moral difficulties met since piles of months, we are not sure to see her again in such major competitions.
In fact the French team did a medium performing and lost the 2nd ranking of the team competition after two falls on Balance Beam. But a bit after Bulgaria or a bit behind Bulgaria is not the real and interesting question! ... What a difference from the Romanian team!!
Some years ago such meet with Romania gave smaller advantage to the Belu's girls (4/7 pts). How can it be possible to watch such a declining way since '98/'99?
We never read any comment from official people of the French gymnastics. But we always read strange explanations: some years ago it was the family of a gymnast who was too close of their girl, another time it was the choreographer who did not work on the right way for the chinese coaches of the French team, a gymnast who left the stage some weeks before the Worlds due to a bad ambiance in the team, and today... the decision of Evguenia Kuznetsova to compete for Bulgaria was a surprise for the French competitors!!
Hey French coaches, French officials, in my Sydney life (so far from Paris, Marseille, Deva, Sofia and Krugloye), I already knew this Kuznetsova's decision since several months...!
Nelly Soupe, Coutzac, Mourier did some interesting exercices, have a look on them as they can do better results on the coming years, especially if the steady gymnasts are competing (Regease, Dupin, Endeler). Delphine is our fave and we are sure she can be the leader of the team.
The Tunis Mediterranean Games are coming and we are still worried. We hope better time for the French gymnastics.
French gymnasts, you can do it, so just do it!
Romania vs France vs Bulgaria meet, Team results:
1.  Romania    150.475   (Cojocar, Stroescu, Ulmeanu, Boboc, Barac).
2.  Bulgaria     137.725   (Kuznetsova, Rangelova, Todorova, Tankusheva, Ivanova).
3.  France       136.275   (Coutzac, Soupe, Vaudable, Mourier, Hedouin).

Individual results (gymnasts who performed the four routines):
1   Sabina Cojocar          Rom.          37.850
2   Silvia Stroescu         Rom.          37.775
3   Loredana Boboc          Rom.          37.300
4   Alexandra Barac         Rom.          36.900
5   Andreea Ulmeanu         Rom.          35.825
6   Clélia Coutzac          Fra.          35.475
7   Evgenia Kuznetsova      Bul.          35.350
8   Ralitza Rangelova       Bul.          34.700
9   Radostina Todorova      Bul.          33.650
10  Nelly Soupe             Fra.          32.900
Carmen Ionescu, Melodie Vaudable, Nikolina Tankusheva, Marion Mourier performed on three apparatus, Aurelie Hedouin on two and Antonia Ivanova only on Floor.

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