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August 12 th 2001 - page 7.

2001 Rsg Gazprom Cup : Russian and Ukrainian rivalry.
The 2001 Gazprom Rsg Champions Cup recently held in Russia was including the best East European rhythmics gymnasts : Alina Kabaeva with her controversial style of gymnastics, Irina Chaschina and Olga Belova, both talented Russian contenders despite the incredible and terrifying thinness of Belova (And then she is also the less graceful of the three girls), the Ukrainian Anna Bessonova and Tamara Yerofeeva, both fascinating and beautiful competitors like any girl from the Kiev Rsg school.
Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chaschina easily outclassed their rivals... ! ...? Really?!
The whole AA result seems a bit imbalanced between the best today Russian contenders and their Ukrainian rivals. The finals podiums with only 4 names... rhythmics is a real annoying universe. We can believe a competitor is able to win each event of a Tournament (the so fascinating Oksana Kostina did so in the '92 Worlds!), but watching all year duration such kind of results is a bit surprising and really disappointing for this sport.
New FIG code or not, the real ask is about the rhythmic sport phylosophy, what is R. G.?
The event was in Russia... so the girls of the Gazprom Rsg Club won at home... logical after all!
And the same girls competing in Kiev? A title for Yerofeeva?
Are the judges only working with the names, the gymnasts reputations and the federations influences?
Anyway, some of the routines of this competition were excellent like the Kabaeva Clubs routine or the Chaschina Hoop work.
Gazprom Cup senior AA results:
1.   Alina Kabayeva       Rus. 118.464
2.   Irina Chaschina        Rus. 116.539
3.   Tamara Yerofeeva   Ukr. 112.788
4.   Anna Bessonova      Ukr. 111.382
5.   Lyaisan Utyasheva    Rus. 111.206
6.   Olga Belova             Rus. 110.907

Gazprom Cup senior finals results:
1.  Kabaeva    29.216
2.  Yerofeeva  28.516
3.  Bessonova  28.024
1.  Kabaeva    29.407
2.  Chaschina  29.008
3.  Bessonova  28.500

1.  Kabaeva    29.732
2.  Chaschina  29.274
3.  Yerofeeva  28.599

1.  Kabaeva    29.725
2.  Chaschina  29.391
3.  Yerofeeva  28.599

Gazprom Cup junior AA results:
1.   Zaryina Guizikova     Rus. 109.140
2.   Vera Sesina              Rus. 107.599
3.   Oleisya Manuilova    Rus. 105.681
4.   Elena Posevina         Rus. 104.424
5.   Inna Zhukova            Blr.  103.749
6.   Dinara Gimatova      Rus. 102.199

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