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By Meredith, Olga and Bernard.

May 6th 2001 - page 4.

Russian rhythmics: politics in a padlocked universe.
Since 2001 February, the Russian Rhythmics Federation has a new president: Sergei Yastrzemlosky was elected. Nina Shibayeva left the Rhythmics Federation presidency.
The new elected is not an unknown man in Russia... press officer and adviser of the ex Russian president Boris Eltsine! He is currently one of the first counsellors of Boris Poutin.
It's rumoured that links are existing between the powerful 'Gazprom' -the gaz sypplyer firm in Russia, one of the most influential firms on the Moscow politic choices- and several members of the Russian Rhythmics Federation. After all, one of the gym club competing at the 2000 Aeon Cup was the Gazprom Club.
Perhaps such links can explain the influence of Russia on the Fig Rhythmics decisions. The new code of point has been created in the goal to revalue the flexibility, the Kabayeva's suppleness style in fact! Irina Viner and Elvira Averkovich are influential coaches and since the Ussr breakup the Russian gymnasts are always working on the flexibility way: Amina Zaripova, Natalia Lipkovskaia, Assel Mustafina, Yanina Batyrschina, Alina Kabayeva, Olga Belova.
Despite the asks about the health of the competitors for the future (back problems for Lipkovskaia, who will be surprised if Alina meets back pains in her adult life?) , the rhythmics follows its way for the largest flexibility, the acrobats works! Why...?
2001 Artistic Russian Championships:
Elena Zamolodchikova won the National title of Russia. Khorkina was not competing for it and preferred participate in the Stars of the Worlds...or she was chosen to do so by the national coaches? And she medal! She did not even qualify for any final!! It's a real surprise.
Ekaterina Lobazniuk who was the pretender to the national title got a knee injury and withdrew from the competition. She was rushed to the hospital for examination.
Natalia Ziganshina, training at the famous Saint-Petersburg Gym Club did an impressive whole competition, leading her Club to the 2001 team title.
The AA results:
1. Elena Zamolodtchikova        36.550 pts.
2. Natalia Ziganschina          36.425 pts.
3. Irina Kryuchkova             36.025 pts.
4. Ekaterina Privalova          35.950 pts.
The next Russian national event is the Russian Cup in 2001 August (4/9), in the city of Moscow.

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