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By Meredith and Bernard.

May 2nd 2001 - page 3.

The Ukrainian Cup.
Tatiana Yarosh won the Ukrainian Cup held in Koncha Zaspa. Several of the Ukrainian stars did not compete in the competition: Viktorya Karpenko was not competitive enough with the new Fig code and decided to not participate. Olga Teslenko, Irina Yarotskaya, Galina Tyryk were all injuried or recovering from injury. Yarosh did a medium performing on each apparatus but it was sufficient to get the title (she already won this Cup in 1999)
A newcomer named Alina Kozich performed the most enthusiastic exercices of the competition, she got the 3rd AA rank and won two finals! Fine result for a 14 years old gymnast!
Bad day for Olga Roshchupkina, only 6th of the All-around after a fall from Bars.
Usa : and now...Russia! Russia??
The Us team defeated Romania and China at the 2001 Pontiac American team Cup held in Hawai. Carly Patterson and Ashley Miles even got the best individual results, 37.075 for Carly with a wonderful 9.750 on Beam. Hollie Vise, the other young talent of the Us team performed a medium whole competition (8.025 on Beam!?, 8.900 on Floor but also the second best Bars note with 9.050).
The young Romanians seem to have a lot to do before being as competitive as the retired Olaru and Amanar. Silvia Stroescu and Sabina Cojocar are good but must really polish their style. Andreea Raducan did not compete and so the result was finally foreseeable.
Let's do a little come back on 2000 November! Usa already won the 2000 Pontiac meet.
1. Usa 151.737 pts 2. Romania 151.249 pts and 3. China with 148.811 pts.
The best individual result: Oxana Petrovschi for Romania, Hollie Vise (Usa), Terin Humphrey (Usa), Ashley Kelly (Usa).
We forecast a wonderful future to this American team. Raducan was not competing in both events but it was the same for Usa: the experienced gymnasts were neither in Hawai (Uzelac for instance), nor in Indianapolis. So these results allow us to play to the future forecast game. Why not soon a Romanian team defeated by Usa at the Worlds??!
Defeating twice the Romanian team obviously constitutes an impressive results. So now it's time to consider new meets against... Russia! Russia and its gorgeous gymnasts, the Russia of Ekaterina Lobazniuk, the one of Maria Sazypkhina, the team of Privalova, Kryuchkova, Zamolodchikova!! It's the coming obligatory contender !
Usa-Russia? Australia-Russia? France-Russia? Is it possible to manage such meets, real meets on the four apparatus with 6 members per team? We think such meets can be major events. We saw pile and pile of Russian Tours, Galas, and strange competitions formats (like the yearly Golden Challenge held in France) but we like the real competitions better!
We want less Russian Tours and Galas and more real meets!!
Anyway, we enjoy the today Us team, a rising team, a team of winners...a new Golden Us team!!
Us flag!

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