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By Meredith and Bernard.

April 5th 2001 - page 2.

The 2001 Cottbus Cup: good brave 'old' gymnasts and surprises.
Held in Cottbus the March 30th/April 1st, the 'Turnier der Meister 2001' is giving us some interesting learnings. Obviouslsy the coming of Oksana Chusovitina was the focus of the competitions. The young mother is still on a good shape. The second point was the coming of the Russian competitors, Zamolodchikova, Lobazniuk, Khorkina.
Zamolodchikova won without real rival on this apparatus with vaults on 10 start note. After the qualifications day, she got a 9.538 (9.575 and 9.500). The powerful Mexican gymnast Denisse Lopez was 2nd with 9.299 and the beautiful Czech girl Komrskova 3rd with 9.188.
Interesting result: Verona Van De Leur from Holland got a 9.450 on her first vault and despite a bad second one defeated Lobazniuk! (range note of 9.125 for Verona and 9.075 for Ekaterina). During the final Verona performed again a better way. Zamolodchikova easily won this vault final .
Bars? Who is the Queen of the Bars? Svetya of course!! First after the qualification day, first after the first part of the final (still the strange style of the competition with qualifs, first final and last final with the two best's a mad, mad, mad show!!). Yes, a true mad, mad show with a surprising last final: 7.775 for Svetya the winner and 7.200 for Zamolodchikova. That's incredible but true!
Interesting fact: Verona Van De Leur finished 2nd of the qualification round (9.225). Zamolodchikova only got the 6th result with 8.825 pts.
Beam ...the most difficult routine. Khorkina 8th with 8.300, Van De Leur 17th with 7.500, in fact the German gymnast Lisa Bruggemann won the qualification round (9.200), Lobazniuk 2nd with a promising exercice, the Chinese Chun Yue 3rd and Roschupkina 4th.
Chun Yue won the 8-final and the last final against Lobazniuk, still so tiny and beautiful to watch during her routines. Chusovitina 5th and Khorkina 6th could not performed well enough to rival with their younger rivals.
The dual between Verona Van De Leur and Ekaterina Lobazniuk started during the first round and ended with the victory of the nice Russian girl. The qualifications gave some surprises: Zamolodchikova, the Floor Olympic Champion!!, only was 14th, Lisa bruggemann 16th, Irina Yevdokimova 9th. The real great result was for the Swiss girl Balz Alexandra 2nd of this first day on floor.
Lobazniuk and Van de Leur were the best finals contenders, the homegymnast Lisa Bruggemann won the third place. Oksana Chusovitina performed a steady routine too, she is still impressive! Bad day for Roschupikna 7th (8.525) and Balz (7.500 pts).
The new code of points is devaluating many usual skills and then the notes are lower, despite interesting routines and graceful ones : Van De Leur, Bruggemann, Ouellette (from canada).
Obviously the competitors like Khorkina, Chusovitina or Komrskova met difficulties to rival with the skills level of Lobazniuk, Van De Leur, the talented Swiss girl Balz or Zamolodchikova (excepted on Bars). Khorkina hopes to compete a bit more, maybe the year over the limit?! After such pile of achievements since 92, it's a bit strange. She can adapt her exercices to this new F.I.G. Code (after all Chusovitina is working with her fourth one!). But what a disappointment for her the day she is going to compete poorly without podium or final participation. It now seems such day is not out of way.

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