Mad as a cut snake page!!
By Meredith and Bernard.

April 2nd 2001 - page 1.

This new section presents some informations, some news and we are commenting them too. As we are not reporters, as we are not here to write too much serious and complex ideas, we are writing our minds, our opinions. This new kind of pages is just a fans tribute to gymnastics, our sport, our life.
2001 Thiais Rhythmics Tournament results:
Irina tchashina won the AA title, Alina Kabaeva 2nd, the Ukrainians Anna Bessonova and Tamara Yerofeeva ended 3rd and 4th. The R.G. remains on the East Europeans hands. The French Eva Serrano has retired some months ago, she did her last routines for the 2001 France-Russia Display. The best French at the Thiais meet was Aurelie Lacour with a 12th rank.
Alina Kabaeva won three finals: Hoop, Ball and Clubs. Tchashina won the Rope final.
And in each final whoever did catch the podium places???...Kabeva, Tchashina, Bessonova...and a suprise with the talented Bulgarian girl Peycheva (6th of the AA) who was third of the Rope final. Many thanks Simona Peycheva to destroy a bit the usual hierarchy. :)
The results of the French girls:
AA: Aurelie Lacour 12th and V. Ledoux 17th.
Finals: Ledoux 8th on Rope, Lacour 8th on Hoop, 8th on Ball and 8th on Clubs.
Verona Van de Leur: the French Internationals revelation!
Since '99 the Dutch gymnastics team is becoming competitive, the 99 meet against Romania was a real pleasure with girls like Nuitjen, Verberck, Fieke Willems, Gabriella Wammes... At the last Massilia Cup in the city of Marseille the crowd has been delighted by a Dutch gymnast : Verona Van De Leur. This same girl was competing in Paris for the French Internationals and it was a new rising Sun in the Gym universe, Verona's light!
Qualifications: Vault 7th with 8.800, Bars 1st with 8.950, 24th on Beam, 3rd on Floor with 8.850 pts.
The finals! 6th on Vault with 8.987 pts, 1st on Bars with 9.300 pts, and 4th on Floor with 8.800 pts. Despite the low notes due to the new (and so stupid, so absurd) code of points, the routines were very interesting. ( a whole report is coming soon with the photos).
French Internationals: ...French disaster...French hopes.
The French female gymnastics performed a surprising 'Waterloo' in Paris!...
The relentless results...qualifications : none on Vault (is it a real surprise??), Estelle Courivaud 7th on Bars with 8.075 pts (fine results for a new comer), failure for Ludivine Furnon only 21th on bars, again a great performing for Courivaud on Beam (6th), and (again!!) new poor result for Furnon (15th) and Anne-Sophie Endeler (21th). Anne-Sophie finished 13th on the Floor qualifications.
The finals results: Estelle Courivaud, Estelle Courivaud and nobody else!!! Estelle won the bronze on Bars (8.900 pts) and was 5th on Beam (defeating Olga Roschupkina!). So this young and fine girl did the best results of the hometeam. Furnon still seems a strange competitor, Floor European Champion after an exploit more than a real top European gymnasts steady contender, Ludivine can not be compared to Amanar (read her gym achievements!), Raducan, Zamolodchikova, ...she is a one-off competitor.
She did a lot for the French gymnastics (3rd in '95 Sabae on the Floor final, 2000 Floor European Champion), nevertheless we have a strange feeling reading her whole gym results.

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