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December 3rd 2001 - Page 14.
4u Berny. :-)

Some comments about the Worlds  (part 2).
A strange fact of the today code of point is the notation level! For instance we watched interesting vaults, perfectly done and landed with notes around 9.3-9.4! Yes, yes, notation system is relative, execution and body stand influence it, ... too right!! Anyway, think about the jump to be performed to hope a 9.7 or a 9.8... Is it possible? (of course out of National championships where given notes are usually overscored, especially in Romania and U.s.).
Coming back on the given notes by apparatus, we can noticed some interesting facts due to the competition format. We have done a ranking:
Vault: 1: Romania with 28,061pts, 2: Usa with 27,642 pts and 3: Netherlands with 27,474 pts.
Bars: 1: Russia with 27,325 pts, 2: Usa with 26,712 pts and 3: Ukrainia with 26,262 pts.
Beam: 1: Romania with 28,462pts, 2: Russia with 27,487 pts and 3: Usa with 26,324 pts.
Floor: 1: Romania with 27,812 pts, 2: Usa with 27,749 pts and 3: Spain with 27,625 pts.
Russia lost the World team title on Floor but the U. s. team was so close by a silver medal too!! Despite its talented gymnasts, Russia have to work to keep its rank as several countries become pretenders to defeat its team soon! With its juniors so good and talented, several of them competed in Australia and France and we are enjoying their exercices, the American team is 'The' fave for the next World Championships. Sorry for the Russian fans (we are!).
Some words more about the team competition: China, Italy and Japan were not participating... then we wonder what is the real level of teams like France, Belarus and Bulgaria... Great-Britain got an impressive success against Belarus last year, Bulgaria and France did a similar medium (and poor) result at the Deva meet held in august, so far from Romania; Australia crushed Belarus in its dual meet.
The british, German and Brazilian teams are on a rising trend, like Spain and Netherlands. What a disappointing Ukrainia since two years... and maybe France gets the worst falling off...
It'd be really interesting to analyze the French gymnastics trend since 95, from a team so good and beloved by many gym fans around the world, to the today team always out of shape or with insufficient level to get results and so despite an European Floor champion in 2000! ... Too right!! Truly interesting debate for the French gymnastics!

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