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Moving, moving with gym, Meredith and Bernard on Kostiskal!
By Meredith and Bernard.
Perpignan - August 24th 2003 - Page 21.

2003 Worlds (part 2): Australia, Yeah!!
USA, Romania and ... Australia (respectively 112.573 - 110.833 - 110.335): a fantastic podium and a so wonderful day for the Aussies! Well done Allana Slater, Jacqui Dunn, Stephanie Moorhouse, Monette Russo, Belinda Archer, Danielle Kelly and Lisa Skinner (with a special thought for Lisa who could not participate in the Worlds due to a broken ankle). We both are so proud, so happy.
Australian flag.

Australia was 5th after the first rotation (27.324 pts and a good 9.325 pts for Allana on Floor), 6th after the 2nd rotation (55.936 pts after the Vault session), 4th (83.298 pts) after the Bars and a 9.400 for Russo, a 9.375 for Dunn, 3rd after the Balance Beam rotation (110. 335 pts and 9.187 for Russo), China was given a 0.2 pts deduction and finished on the fourth place with 110.259.
A historic day for the Australian gymnastics!
1: Usa          112.573 pts.
2: Romania   110.833 pts.
3: Australia   110.335 pts.
4: China        110.259 pts.
5: Spain        109.722 pts.
6: Russia       108.985 pts.
7: Ukraine     108.235 pts.
8: Brazil        107.297 pts.

The Russian disaster...Olga's tears.
Failure for Russia! And what a failure! only 6th?! We 've never imagined to see such a poor result for the Arkayev team. Russia, where is your gym? So many talents since years and years and such a bad result. Russia failed on Floor with the 7.575 of the rising star Alexandra Shevchenko - maybe the lack of experience and also the competition stress, Khorkina got a powerful 9.650 and Pavlova a 9.287.
Russia was... 8th after the first rotation! the team kept this place after the Vault rotation (good notes for Pavlova with 9.400, Zamolodchikova with 9.362 and Khorkina 9.475 pts on her Khorkina 2 skill). Russia was obliged to work hard to improve its rank and quit this last place of the team final.
Third rotation, Khorkina on Bars for a 9.250 pts, Yezhova for a 9.300 and Pavlova for 9.100 pts...not enough to return in the competition. (Ukrainian gymnasts like Irina Krasnyanskaya or Irina Yarotskaya got 9.562 and 9.550 pts during the second rotation). Russia failed on Bars too. What a surprise. 7th rank thanks to the disastrous Floor session of the Ukrainians.
8.137 for Yezhova on Beam, 9.537 for Pavlova (fine but too late), 8.912 for Khorkina and a final 6th rank for the team; Brazil failed on Beam (7.587 for Comin, 8.775 for Rodriguez and 8.137 for Daniele Hypolito). Russia was so close of a total disaster.
We now wait for the Russian comments, how the coaches can explain this team failure?
Krugloye is always including so many young talents, how can it be possible to watch a Russian senior team in this situation? The Natalia Ziganshina injury, Russian sport economic situation? On 2001 May 2nd, we wrote on Kostiskal: "Usa-Russia? Australia-Russia? France-Russia? Is it possible to manage such meets, real meets on the four apparatus with 6 members per team? We think such meets can be major events. We saw pile and pile of Russian Tours, Galas, and strange competitions formats (like the yearly Golden Challenge held in France) but we like the real competitions better!
We want less Russian Tours and Galas and more real meets!!"
Maybe a part of the problem?
Don't worry Olga, Russia is a strong team, maybe it's just time to work on a new way, to give the team leadership to Pavlova or Ziganshina, to the today gymnasts generation, to give them the requested self-confidence. Yesterday Svetya Khorkina won her third AA World title, fantastic performance, gorgeous result. It's a monumental fact and a so great day to retire on a so beautiful individual result. Svetya, think about your team, your younger teammates, your love for your marvellous country. You did so much, so high, give Russia the opportunity to return on the team podiums.
Australian flag.
Australia, yeah!!

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