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Moving, moving with gym, Meredith and Bernard on Kostiskal!
By Meredith and Bernard.
Perpignan - August 20th 2003 - Page 20.

2003 Worlds: surprises, surprises! (part 1).
How interesting are the results of the Anaheim female event 1! China still preserves its strong level, best team of the first event day. Who did the right forecast??
Romania 2nd with 148.120 pts is a waited result. Belu is still there with his magic hands! A special writing for Andreea Munteanu who performed a virtual total of 36.461 pts, Alexandra Eremia 36.162 pts and Oana Ban with 36.199 pts. Watching this set of three gymnasts results, we hope to not see strange decision to send Oana competing for the AA (we have to precise only the two best competitors are qualified for the AA event). Wait and see and go Alexandra (Eremia, not Marinescu :-) ) and Andreea.
The virtual podium is completed by the Us team, hit by injuries (poor Annia Hatch Portuondo), Chellsie Memmel and her excellent 37.449 pts are giving the team great hopes. Carly Patterson with 36.774 pts and Courtney Kupets, 36.624 pts delighted any Us gym fan, and we both are. Who for the AA? Kupets and her experience, Patterson and her Powerful and dynamic gym? Why not a team podium performance and a possible AA title? Yes, yes!!
Ukrainia 4th (146.994 pts), Russia 5th (145.572) and Spain 6th (145.409 pts) are qualified for the team finals. Well done Ukrainia and Spain, both team have worked a lot and despite some medium results in dual or three meets, Spain is ready 'the right day', the only one to keep in mind! Russia? Apparently just a medium result, a not so bad one, remember a World competition needs efforts and the goal of such event 1 is to qualify, even if the way is medium (Excepted Pavlova who seems in a full gym mastering, 36.812 pts, and Khorkina 37.249 but no final for Svetya). Zamolodochikova performed a 36.037 pts (she was pulled out of the AA).
Elena Gomez again getting the best indivudal performance with 37.549 can pretend to the AA podium and maybe a new wonderful moment for Spain. We both watched the Spain Tv and we are congratulating the team, Elena Gomez, Lenika de Simone, Sara Moro, Tania Gener, Patricia Moreno, give us more emotions, more heartbeat time, we are enjoying your gym, 'Viva Espana!'.
Medium result for Australia, 7th (144.758 pts), we had good hopes for the Liddick's team, 'our' team. Allana Slater, Jacqui Dunn, Stephanie Moorhouse, Monette Russo, Belinda Archer, Danielle Kelly and Lisa Skinner deserved a better place, anyway the results are.
Interesting facts: Russo 9.400 on Beam (qualified for the final), the steady results on Vault ( Dunn 9.062, Russo 9.050, Archer 9.200, Slater 9.162 and Kelly 9.50. A good team and real ways of progress before the Athens Worlds. Rendez-vous in Athens!
Australia got some poor results on Bars and truly lost the 5th/6th places on this apparatus (9.112, 8.775, 7.800, even our wonderful Allana performed a 8.937 pts exercice). But well the Aussie team did its goal entering the team final.
The other nations qualified for the 2004 Olympics are:
Brazil (8th with 143.946), Great Britain (9th with 143.046), France (10th with 142.835), Canada (11th with 142.560) and North Korea (12th with 142.198).
France met difficulties, the doors of Athens are opened but the performance is not convincing. We are all waiting better results from the Yves Kieffer gymnasts. Emilie Lepennec did a wonderful floor exercice awarded with a 9.437 pts, but the weakeness on Beam and Bars and the first sub-division play let the French team far, so far from the bests, far from Spain from Instance! One year more before the Olympics to improve the performing level. Let's work them more.
We can notice too three waited nations are not qualified: Japan, Italy (what a decline!!) and the Netherlands (due to injuries and especially the absence of Verona Van de Leur).
No miracle for Bulgaria, 19th with 137.458 pts and Karpenko who only is a shadow of the beloved Viktorya.
Good luck to Coralie Chacon (Vault final), Monette Russo (Beam final) and Emilie Lepennec (Floor final), good luck too for the AA even if we are not really waiting a miracle. Gomez, Pavlova, Memmel, Munteanu and some others are going to fight for the podium. And of course good luck to Elena Gomez who is a real pretender to the victory.

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