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By Meredith and Bernard.
July 27th 2003 - Page 19.

The Vassiliki Tsavdaridou's come back!
Vasso Tsavdaridou... a famous gymnast name, a popular Greek competitor, ... who left gymnastics in 1999. National champion, leader of the Greek team between 95 and 99, Vassiliki was a strong vaulter and pile of gym fans enjoyed her gymnastics. She was AA 6th at the '93 Junior Europeans, bronze medal at the '94 Junior Europeans Vault final, 15th of the '95 Sabae AA World Championships, 7th of the '96 Europeans, she also won many nationals titles.
Now, let's guess who is the 2003 Greek Champion... Yes!! Vasso won the national title and the four finals! Impressive performance!
1: Vassiliki Tsavdaridou with 34.650 pts, 2nd: Sofia Tsegeli with 33.600 pts and 3rd: Vassiliki Milousi with 32.800 pts.
Tsavdaridou, Milousi and Tsegeli are the best today Greek gymnasts, they shared the four finals medals. Vasso got the four titles, she just won the Vault title tied with Tsegeli.
The Greek team is working hard since several years in the goal to be competitive for the 'home' Athens Olympics (As Australia did in Sydney 2000). Tsegeli, Milousi and the strong juniors like the fine Stefani Bisbikou, the powerful Mastrogiannopoulou, Maria Apostolidi already got some results (Patras 2002) and the experience of Vasso can give the Greece team the 'fighting' spirit requested to enter the twelve best World nations.
Before the artistic Worlds.
The Anaheim Worlds are now coming... Who can win the individual title??
-A Russian girl like Anna Pavlova as she is doing a marvellous 2003 year, Svetlana Khorkina and her experience and maturity?
-A Romanian competitor: Petrovshi, Ban? Bars can be the weakeness of the Romanians.
-An Us girl at home? Courtney Kupets the National Champion, the talented and fascinating Hollie Vise and Carly Paterson? Why not!
-A winner from an other nation? Just our imagination!! Verona Van de Leur is just recovering, Elena Gomez strong on Floor (today World Champion on this apparatus), an Ukrainian girl - who? -, A french gymnast or a Australian one? Just a miracle!
Good luck to the Australian and French gymnasts!

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