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By Meredith and Alla.
March 13th 2002 - Page 17.

French Rsg nationals results.

Held in the city of Metz the March 9 and 10, the French Rhythmics nationals gave us a nice dual meet between Aurelie Lacour (French 2000 AA champion and winner of all the event finals) and Jennifer Wolff, the young challenger, 15 years old, full of grace and truly fascinating, mysterious during her performings.
It's interesting to notice the variety of the gym centers: Aurelie Lacour (Corbeil-Essonnes), Jennifer Wolff (Strasbourg), Delphine Ledoux (Calais), Florence Meynard (Montpellier)... Such variety is truly a sign of good health for the French Rsg. Despite the retirement of Serrano two years ago and the low internationals results of 2001, the junior schools and regional gym places (like the one of Montpellier for instance!) have done a fantastic job. In Metz we got the confirmation!
The fourth and fifth places of the finals have been won by Martel from Thiais and the two young girls of Montpellier, Touaitahuata and Henry. (So three competitors from this gym club entered the finals).
Touaitahuata was 5th on Hoop, 6th on Ball and Clubs, Henry was 5th on Ball, Martel got the 4th place on Hoop, the 5th on Ball and Clubs.

Here are the results:
1: Aurelie Lacour 23.550, 2: Jennifer Wolff 23.250, 3: Delphine Ledoux 22.750, 4: Florence Meynard 21.750 pts.
1: Wolff 22.100, 2: Meynard 21.400, 3: Lacour 20.800, 4: Ledoux 20.500 pts.
1: Lacour 23.550, 2: Wolff 22.300, 3: Meynard 21.275, 4: Ledoux 21.200 pts.
1: Lacour 24.750, 2: Ledoux 24.300, 3: Wolff 23.200, 4: Martel 21.100 pts.
Confirmation for Aurelie Lacour and the coming of a new star named Jennifer Wolff. Jennifer can be considered as a possible international level competitor soon. Eva Serrano was the first French girl who won International major events, the girl from Strasbourg, Jennifer Wolff announces her arrival!
Aurelie is a good dancer and a quite good technical gymnasts, Jennifer is a real ballerina and is improving her technical mastering, in Metz she performed on the same level than Aurelie. We are sure she performs as a national champion next year!
Go Jennifer! Just do it!


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