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By Meredith and Bernard.
March 12th 2002 - Page 16.

First welcome to our new team member, Alla, gym fan like us.
French nationals results.

The 2002 French nationals yesterday held in Metz seem to open a new era for the French gymnastics. New talents, talents who have confirmed their level, fine performance of recently injuried gymnasts. And also maybe the end of the Furnon's hopes to keep her national team selection.
Delphine Regease and Magali Hars, the best today gymnasts were not competing (both are recovering from injuries). Marlene Peron was coming back after a long absence (knee injury), she was in 2000 a bronze medalist at the Junior Europeans on Floor, and the best French junior in 99 and 2000.
Estelle Courivaud has proved she is the strong and talented leader needed by the today French gymnastics.
With Dupin (truly a real hope for the coming years to see a French girl on international podiums!), Hedouin, Peron, Soupe, and the strong 'workers' like Hars and Regease, the French team can hope better days soon. Patras 2002 comes too earlier for this team. The real cruise level can be got during the 2003 year... the important year of the Worlds in Usa!!
Here are the artistic female results:
1: Betty Dupin 8.663, 2: Nelly Soupe 8.588, 3: Melodie Vaudable 8.288, 4: Melanie Nunes 8.213 pts.
1: Estelle Courivaud 8.950, 2: Aurelie Hedouin 8.300, 3: Furnon 8.125, 4: Dupin 8.275, 5: Nunes 7.700 pts.
1: Courivaud 9.175, 2: Peron 9.150, 3: Colas 8.400, 4: Dupin 8.275, 5: Bonneau 8.050 pts.
1: Hedouin 8.650, 2: Courivaud 8.500, 3: Pasquet 8.125, 4: Furnon 7.900, 5: Nunes 7.775 pts.
No title for Ludivine Furnon!! ... Third on Bars, fourth on Floor... Maybe she will be selected for Patras and the Europeans, not on her today level so far from her 'golden' years and so far from Paris 2000, only for her palmares and to give her a last chance, a last opportunity. We don't think she can keep her place in the national team for the 2004 Olympics. The road is too long and the younger girls are coming!
Anyway, we saw the signs of a real future for the French gymnasts. It's the Metz come back French message!

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