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By Meredith and Bernard.
February 14th 2002 - Page 15.

Before the coming French nationals.

The 2002 French nationals are managed in the city of Metz the 9 and 10th of March. After a disappointing 2001 year with bad results in meets, a medium performance at the Mediterranean Games, mixed results at the Massilia cup and more than all an incredible failure at the World Championships, the French female gymnastics needs to know its today estate. Who are the strong gymnasts, Who are the coming good juniors? Is it still possible to see Ludivine Furnon at her best level? She hopes to compete in Athens 2004... but the way to proceed such a goal is long and needs some good national and international results first. Such participation must be deserved with the current gym cycle.
Who are the favorites? Delphine Regease, powerful and good on quite all apparatus, the nice Melanie Nunes, the 2001 new-comer who has already impressed all the gym fans at the Massilia Cup and during the France-Russia galas. Also girls like Clélia Coutzac, Magali Hars can both pretend to a national success. We'll be very glad to see one of these fours winning in Metz.
For the rhythmic events, Aurélie Lacour, Jennifer Wolff (from the club of Strasbourg) and Delphine Ledoux are going to delight us. Our fave is Jennifer who owns some real abilities and she can be on the Serrano's road soon, good dance and strong skills mastering... Good luck Jennifer!
The male events? It's not easy to say names as the team is on a rising trend, gorgeous results at the Worlds, medals and titles are coming each year since 96 for both senior and junior teams.
Maybe Florent Maree or Cédric Guille? We'll do soon the palmares list of the male French team members since 96 on Kostiskal... as it's really impressive!
Korbut arrested in Usa!

Olga Korbut? Yes, the Ussr gymnastics champion of the early 70's! The revelation of the 1972 Olympic Games in München (Germany), 3 Gold medals and also the real first baby doll of the gym, four years before Nadia Comaneci. The year 1973 was the 'Korbut year' even if she could not win the European Championships AA title (2nd). She also got a Gold medal in Montreal.
She stole food in a shop and was arrested. Rumors say the police investigations at her house allow the discovering of counterfeit banknotes...! True or not?! We don't know yet.
1972-2002... 30 years after. Glory and donwfall... Anyway we'll keep the memories of a young blonde gymnast who was only 'stealing' the gymnastics lovers hearts.

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