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Australia By Meredith and Bernard.
November 26th 2001 - Page 13.

Some comments about the Worlds  (part 1).
First at all we have been surprised by the good level of the World Championships held in Belgium. After all the rumors and bad news before the competition we were concerned. Finally gymnasts delighted us.
We did not give again the results, many websites did. Here are some comments on the results, our minds about the today gymnastics.
Romania and Russia are the two last bastions of the East European Gymnastics. Romania has proved once more it's a strong team, with no real genius style, just steady on Vault, Beam and usual! And what a poor result on Uneven Bars for a World Championships team winner! The Romanian total points per apparatus are: Vault: 28,061- Bars: 25,877- Beam: 28,462 - Floor: 27,812. And Russia? Vault: 27,024 - Bars: 27,325 - Beam: 27,487 - Floor 27,187.
Russia lost the title with its Floor results... we have seen more inspired and accurated Russian routines (remember in Sydney 2000, Paris 2000 or Tian Jin 99 the wonderful work of Produnova!). We enjoy the innovative Russian gym style but as usual in a team event, the accuracy is the key of the winning way. Romania got piles of team gold medals thanks to this first quality. Think also Romania got a 'little' 25.877 on Bars, Russia, Ukrainia, Netherlands, Usa did better! It's remaining a real weakeness for the team of O. Belu.
Watching the women Team qualifiers round, we were amazed to see the Us females and Dutch ones doing a better performance than Russia. In fact both teams are 'fresh', interesting. We also are glad to see we are going to have new teams on the first two ranks of the podium soon! Artistic gymnastics is becoming an opened universe, such fact is wonderful for the future of our sport! (We can not tell the same about the Rhythmics still on the Russian and Ukrainian hands for sometimes)
We got the confirmation of the Ukrainian falling off, without Karpenko, Shkarupa, with Roshupkina who is not today the possible new star of the team, the team from Koncha Zaspa could not have a better result, 6th... with the absence of China! The Dutch and Spanish teams are now the best West European contenders: Spain already won the Mediterranean Games some weeks ago defeating both Italy and France, this same team won all its dual meets against France since two years, performed well against Australia and Romania too. It's the logical result of the job done since 98. For all people interested, we recommend to watch the meets of Spain since 98, and to find the wonderful 2001 series of Tv reports about the Spanish artistic team preparation.
Verona Van de Leur, Monique Nuijten, Gabriella Wammes and the impressive Renske Endel are now serious rivals for any Romanian or Russian gymnasts!
We enjoyed the Us team too, perfectly led by Tasha Schwikert and Mohini Bhardwarj. 'Rendez vous' in 2003 to see this American team defeating the today Team World Champion! Australia has confirmed its level, despite some new gymnasts, the team is good and some of the members can improve their level. So the Aussie future is fine. Some months ago Germany was wondering if it was possible to send a whole female team in Belgium... the team is 8th, one of the best team results for this country! Birgit Schweigert was the leader of the team, 19th of the individual ranking after the team qualifying round.
Of course we admit the 6-3-3 format of the event IV -the team final- allows such opening of the competition. A little mistake can have ranking consequences. Thanks to this opening, we can hope to see teams like Usa, China or Spain as new pretenders to the World team title. We are already amazed thinking about such interesting novelty.  :-)

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