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 by Olga.  - (December 23th 2004).
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Russian news: 'Sportivnaya gimnastika... Davai!'.
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Russia is on a new way, central changes just happened at the Russian Federation: Leonid Arkaev left her president role, Yuri Titov has been elected to the Russian Gymnastics Federation presidency. Note one of the challengers was ... Svetya Khorkina! And Svetya now learns a new challenge being a federation vice-president!
Which Russia without Arkaev? Truly a better future... Coaches were criticizing a lot the latest years Russian choices, and more than all, the Russian results step by step have declined. Our wonderful Svetya and Lena did miracles winning titles, medals and showing the way to their younger teammates like Anna Pavlova. The juniors always gave us the hope of a new glorious period in Patras '02 and Amsterdam '04.
Who will be chosen as central national coach? Important question as the renewal of the Russian gymnastics soul is depending on this choice too.
The gymnasts and their coaches can now work to build new successes for our Russia, with a new moral and a new winner motivation, and we first think on our senior team with experienced gymnasts:
-Lena Zamolodchikova and her gorgeous experience, her vault and floor talents.
-Anna Pavlova who seems to be more consistant since several months.
-Liudmilla Yezhova who is now working with Elena Produnova delighted us at the Dtb Cup with her motivation, her joy and her strong performances. We hope she compete a bit more as her experience and her personality can be of great help for the team.
-Aleksandra Shevchenko: even if she seems to remain an eternal hope, she really owns strong abilities and can do strong perofrmances like her '03 Nationals 3rd AA place (4th in 2002 and 7th in 2004).
And we can add girls like Yekaterina Orlova (from the CSKA Moscow, coached by Yelena Shevchenko), Maria Kriouchkova (Vault winner at the '04 Massilia, good Floor competitor with a beautiful move feeling), Natalia Ziganshina even if she has not completely recovered her past level.
Total mistery about the possible team opportunity for somes of the '02 Patras Juniors like Yelena Anoshina (multiple injuries), Yekaterina Schuster or Polina Miller.
Russian flag.

Our talented juniors who hope to go to China for the 2008 Olympics participate in this new era:
-Tatiana Kazantseva:
A bronze medal on Vault and the team title at the Europeans, she enters the elite level in 2004 competing at the nationals and the Russian Cup. Excellent vaulter, she also owns interesting abilities too to become a good floor performer.
Tatiana is motivated, positively agressive in her exercices work, she is a possible leader for the team.

-Svetlana Kliukina:
Two European titles in 2004 (Team and Vault), Beam victory at the Stella Zakharova Cup and a good AA 3rd rank, a triumph for her visit to the Us for the '04 Friendship Classic: AA, Vault and Floor victories and two more podiums on Bars and Beam, 6th rank at the '04 Nationals, she also was one of the stars of the '03 Paris EYOD ( Team and AA 3rd).
She can be a strong AA performer and a pretender to the Vault and Floor titles, with her Svetya Khorkina look, she has already caught the Russian gym fans hearts!

-Yulia Lozhecko:
A gymnast coached by Bulashenko, powerful tumbler on Floor, Beam strong contender, Yulia got a 5th place at the Nationals (7th in 2003), she brillantly won the EYOD AA title and the Beam final. European Team Champion in Amsterdam, she got the AA 3rd rank and a silver medal on Beam.
Her Floor choreographies are absolutely marvellous, she just needs to be more steady, more regular in her level of performing.

-Nadezhda Ivanova:
Nadezhda is the tiny doll from Moscow, very young (born in August 90), she is expressive on Floor and is able to perform some interesting exercices especiilay on Floor and Beam. She won the 2003 Voronin Cup and the '04 Bosphorus Cup. Already enjoyed by any audience (Russia, Ukrainia, Netherlands, Usa,...) Nadezhda is currently coached by Alla Borisova and must gain more maturity.
She owns a real large improvment ability. Maybe the coming superstar of the team.

-Kristina Pravdina:
Born in December 90, coached by Olga Bulgakova, Kristina is more mature and more powerful than Nadezhda Ivanova. A different style which allows her to become soon a good AA contender.

We can add others hopes like Svetlana Voronova, Alyona Zmeu, Ksenia Sheykina, Yekaterina Kramarenko and some others more.
Russian flag.
Russia is still alive!
Our Russia! Forever!

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