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 by Olga & Bernard.  - (August 4th 2003).
Olga, Bernard.

French promises.
An interesting international meet took place in the German city of Dresde (July 26th). Bulgaria, France, Spain and Germany were the team competing.
-The French team led by the talented Emilie Lepennec and Marine Debauve was also including some promising hopes like Camille schmutz, Coralie Chacon.
-Bulgaria came in Germany with her two stars Yevguenia Kuznetsova and Viktorya Karpenko, but without two essential gymnasts : Nikolina Tankusheva and Georgana Ivanova (the current Bulgarian champion), both injuried.
-Spain came with its Floor World Champion, Elena Gomez, but also with Patricia Moreno, the promising and rising Spanish star.
-The German team competed with its usual set of gymnasts with Yvonne Musik, Daria Bijak, Birgit Schweigert, Lisa Bruggemann.

The team results:
1st: France with 146.425 pts, 2nd: Spain with 144.525, 3rd Germany with 141.175 and 4th Bulgaria with 135.975 pts.
Once again, Elena gomez did the best whole performance, getting the best AA total with a strong 37.575 pts and a 9.550 on Floor. Elena still is a real titles pretender for the coming World Championships of Anaheim. Patricia Moreno obtained a good 35.675 pts and the 5th best AA result.
The French girls have confirmed their good level of form before the Worlds, Emilie Lepennec, tiny but steady, got the best French result with 36.925 pts and a fabulous 9.625 on Bars!
Marine Debauve did a whole performance of 36.100 pts
Yvonne Musik was the best German performer with 35.600, defeating the National Champion Katja Abel and Lisa Bruggemann not really on her best level (33.875 pts).
The Bulgarian hopes to enter the best 12 nations in Anaheim seem to be far, so far. Without Ivanova, without Tankusheva, with Karpenko and Kuznetsova not inspired (34.325 for Yevguenia), Bulgaria only gave a medium impression. The come back of Bulgaria is not for this year 2003.
The essential lesson of this Dresde meet comes from the French results. France can defeat Spain and then, with the uncertain levels of the Dutch and Ukrainian team, can hope a 5th/6th place, even playing the team final. Why not?
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