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 by Alla and Bernard.  - (October 18th 2002).

Rhythmics news. ('Pč ritruvą i sogni')
The 2002 Aeon Cup.
Irina Chaschina and Alina Kabayeva came back in competition at the Berlin Grand prix held in Germany. Some days after both girls travelled to Japan to participate in the Aeon Cup with their gym club, the Gazprom club from Russia. Their first rivals came from Ukrainia: the famous Deryugina school with Tamara Yerofeyeva and Anna Bessonova.
Team results:
The Gazprom club easily won the team title (Kabayeva, Chaschina, Peskicheva) : 318.162 pts.
The Deryugina School ( Yerofeyeva, Bessonova, Gaynova) got the 2nd place with 296.629 pts.
Juniors results:
1st was Olya Peskicheva (Gazprom, Russia) with 94.615 pts.
2nd was Valeria Kurylskaya (Belarus) with 90.215 pts.
3rd was Dominika Cevenkova (Budejovice, Czech Republic) with 87.431 pts.
4th was Alina Gaynova (Deryugina School, Ukrainia) with 83.898 pts.

A strong result for the new talent from Belarus, Kurylskaya who already masters her routines, with the experience and two years more of events, she is a real contender for European medals and International honors. Also we are noticing since 2001 a small decline in the Ukrainian results and the medium 4th place of Alina Gaynova confirms this trend.
Seniors results:
The winner: Alina Kabayeva (Russia) with 111.798 pts.
2nd: Irina Chaschina (Russia) with 111.749 pts.
3rd: Tamara Yerofeyeva (Ukrainia) with 108.699 pts.
4th: Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria) with 107.116 pts.
5th: Anna Bessonova (Urainia) with 104.032 pts.
6th: Inna Zhukova (Belarus) with 101.400 pts.
7th: Alliya Yusupova (Kaz.) with100.332 pts.

Alina and Irina on top again! Good results for both girls. The most interesting fact was the performance of the Bulgarian Peycheva. Simona particularly impressed, the Rsg Bulgaria's come back has been confirmed. Notice the same Simona defeated Kabayeva at the 2002 Berlin Cup! Other Bulgarian gymnasts who approach the bests are Silvia Miteva and Elizabeta Paycheva. Both competed at the 2002 Margarita Cup held in Varna (Bulgaria) and did not come in Japan.

Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria).
Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria).

We like a lot Simona's routines and thanks to her, thanks to several of the new-comers, we hope to watch a beautiful Rsg, not the Rsg of the 2000 Europeans, not the one of the 2000 Olympics, but the real one, the rhythmic gymnastics of Bianca Panova, Maria Petrova, Oksana Skaldina, Oksana Kostina, Eva Serrano.
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