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By Meredith and Cathy.

October 22th 2001 - page 11.

Before the 2001 artistic Worlds.
We read many informations these last days about the participation to the Worlds held in Ghent (Belgium). Such major event usually is a gorgeous time in the gymnastics season. Due to some strange facts convergence, this competition is going to be reduced to a small World event!
China is only sending a top gymnast, Sun Xiaojiao, in Belgium! Also the men's team is composed by inexperienced gymnasts! ...Strange behaviour...In fact Chinese top gymnasts will participate to the national China Games. The second point is to give some international experience to the young male gymnasts (a 2004 preparation!?, a 2008 preparation ??). China is the Olympic champion and it's really strange to know the best male gymnastics team decided to not participate, it's the same for the always innovative female team of China. The girls from China can defeat a Khorkina or a Raducan on Uneven Bars or Balance Beam.
Due to the International problems (N.Y. tragedy and consequences, the today war), it seems U.s.a. is not sending a team in Ghent. It's easy to understand the security of Us citizens is the explanation (man knows several integrist groups are living in Belgium). The Usa women team was not competitive for the 2001 Worlds, 'rendez-vous' in 2003 with the rising U.s. gymnasts coached by Karolyi.
Ukrainia? a strong team before 2000! But with the retirement of Viktorya Karpenko, without Inga Shkarupa, with an out of shape and eternal hopeful girl Roshupkina, with only Irina Yarotska, Kvasha and tatiana Yarosh, the team from Koncha Zaspa (it's the name of the river close the national gym center of Ukrainia) can get a 4th or 5th rank for the best.
The french team members are: Delphine Regease, Melodie Vaudable, Clelia Coutzac, Nelly Soupe, Magali Hars, Ludivine Furnon. The alternate is Elisa Pasquet. Well, an inexperienced team (and a so poor result at the Mediteranean Games in Tunisia, third behind Spain and Italy)... without the best juniors Marlene Peron, Marion Mourier, Jennifer Ferrier... Delphine Regease seems to be the only who can try to do an interesting result today! Ludivine Furnon is the 2000 European floor champion, that's right, but since her title she got ... any national or international significant result... The other girls were all coming from the junior team and must learn a lot before being competitive. So, have a look on the French team but only for watching the coming good gymnasts of 2003/2004 and the graceful Delphine Regease (the fave of our friend Bernard!). With the participation of Usa and China, France could only pretend to a 8/10th rank, but without them, the French Federation may have the luck to announce its female team is getting the 6/7th place... without having the real level of course!
Russia with its superstar Svetlana Khorkina, its graceful Elena Zamolodchikova and all its talented gymnats (Zighanshina is the one to watch in the two coming years! Have a look on Outchevatkina and Pavlova too) is going to be the first team of the Worlds, Romania for a second rank (first only if the Russian are stressed), Spain for a third place (yes, Spain!!). Italy, autralia who have renewed a large part of its team, can stay near the 5/6th table ranking.
For the All-around event, we think Romania onws the strongest gymnasts with Andreea Raducan and the Goodwill Games winner Sabina Cojocar!
Zamolodchikova, Khorkina, Raducan and Cojocar can give us a gorgeous show for the floor final, we also hope to watch the confirmation of the level of Verona Van de Leur, the Dutch gymnast is able to defeat Khorkina on Bars! We must notice the incredible performance of Oksana Chushovitina who is coming in Belgium with her good floor routine.
Young gymnasts, these World Championships are your's! Sabina, Andreea, Verona, Delphine... go and take the Gold, the podiums!

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