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By Meredith and Bernard.

October 20th 2001 - page 10.

The rhythmic Gymnastics Worlds start this week-end. It's always a feast for the gym fans attending such major event or watching them on Tv channels. Despite the 'strange' backgrounds of the R.G. universe, we were impatient to watch the Worlds of Madrid. One of the Kostiskalians (she participated a lot in the first version of this gym site) was especially waiting for this competition as she was a rhythmic gymnast herself. Our friend Gaelle joined the Rhythmics Siberian Star Oksana Kostina two days ago.
It's the destiny choice... We always keep her in our heart.
Rhythmics in action before the Worlds.
The 2001 Aeon Cup results are interesting before the coming week-end. The Gazprom R.G. Club of Alina Kabayeva and Irina Tchaschina won the team title, the Deryugina Team got the second rank (Tamara Yerofeeva and Anna Bessonova).
Alina Kabaeva won the individual event with 116.025 pts, her teammate Irina was 2nd with 114.850 pts, third was Tamara Yerofeevea with 107.525 pts (!). The talented Belarus gymnast Elena Tkatchenko finished fourth with 107.125 pts. Bessonova and the two girls of the Bulgarian Levski Team got results close the 104 pts.
The young Belarus Valerya Kurylskaya did an impressive performance with the second rank and some wonderful routines. She is a coming star of Belarus!
The French competitors for the Worlds are Aurelie Lacour, Delphine Ledoux, Florence Meynard and Jennifer Wolff (have a look on this nice and talented gymnast, she can become a real international level contender). The today best French rhythmics girl is Aurelie Lacour, French national champion, she got a quite good 10 th rank at the Alfred Vogel competition the last October 2nd in Holland. Alina Kabaeva easily won the title, defeating Outiacheva and Tkatchenko.
The forecast play? Alina Kabeva is The prime title pretender! Her teammates are the only who seem to be able to fight a bit. The Ukrainians are not competitive enough today to get such title. We can see good performings from the Bulgarians and we hope to see a French gymnast near the 15th individual rank (but we don't really think they can enter one of the finals).

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