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By Meredith and Bernard.

Introducing the 2002 French gymnasts.
Here is a short introduction of the today French female competitors. Photos can be found on several Kostiskal pages of the French events page.
Delphine Regease:
She began gymnastics at the Gym club of Meaux, she was 5 years old. Her first coach was Patrick Andreani, she joined the INSEP in 1998 and is coached by Yves Kieffer. Kieffer also was the coach of the wonderful Isabelle Severino. The most surprising fact of the Delphine history: she entered the Insep at the age of 14 years!
She finished third at her first Nationals and got her selection for the French team. She was 2nd at the International meet of Arques (with competitors like Kuznetsova). Other results: 24th AA at the Sydney Games AA, 5th AA at the 2001 Mediterranean Games, 3rd by team. She finished 2nd at the 2000 French nationals and 3rd in 1999. She is the today leader of the French team.
Born: February 20th 1984 in Lagny.
Her best apparatus: beam and bars (national title in 2000 and 2001).
Magali Hars:
Born: November 5th 1979 in Rosendael
1m58, 47 kg, she began gymnastics at the age of 3!
Her coach is Genevieve Vynche, her best apparatus is Floor.
Third at the International meeting of Arques 2001, silver medal on Vault and 4th of floor at the 2001 French nationals, 5th at the 2001 French Cups, she participated in the 2001 Worlds.
Clelia Coutzac:
Born: April 30th in Bordeaux.
Coming from the club of Libourne, she is now at the national gym center of Marseille.
1m50, 40kg, her best apparatus is Floor (she performed four series).
She joined the national junior team for the 2000 Junior Europeans, 4th at the 2000 national Cups, 4th on Floor at the 2001 French Nationals. Clelia seems to be the best hope of the today French team.
Estelle Courivaud:
16 years old.
Alternate at the 2000 Junior European Championships in Paris, strong on Beam.
1999: 6th at the Netherland-France-England meet.
2001: 3rd on bars and 5th on beam at the 2001 French Internationals in Paris-Bercy.
2001: 4th at the French national Cups.
Marion Mourier:
2nd at the 1999 Junior nationals, French national champion on Floor.
At the '99 International Juniors in Japan, she finished 13th of the AA and won the Beam final.
2000 France-Usa junior dual meet: third (best French gymnast).
2001 French National Cups: 2nd.
Elisa Pasquet:
16 years old, from Dijon.
Results: 9th at the 2001 French National Cups, 2nd on bars and 3rd on floor at the 2001 French Nationals.
Marlene Peron:
Born: December 23th in Cergy.
First gym club: Franconville.
Strong on vault and floor , her junior floor exercice was very impressive, third at the 2000 European floor event final, third at the '99 National Cups, 10th at the '99 Junior meet between England and France. She was named 'The French Produnova', seriously injuried in 98 and 2001, she recently comes back in action.
Marine Debauve:
Born: September 3rd 1988 in Dijon.
Gym club: U.G. Dijon.
She began gymnastics at the of 4, 1999 French 'espoir level' champion.
Nelly Soupe:
She was the best French gymnasts at the 2001 Massilia Gym Cup: 11th AA and 7th on Beam.
8th at the 2001 French National Cups, 6th on beam and third on bars at the 2001 French Nationals.
Maud Colas:
Born: January 5th 1986 in Clermont-Ferrand.
Gym club: 'A.S.M. Clermont-Ferrand', 1m57 and 43 kg.
Coach: Ning Xialing.
She began gym at the age of 7. She finished 10th at the French junior nationals in 1999, 7 th at the 2000 Nationals held in Perpignan and 5th at the 2001 French national cups. She got the 10th place during the 2000 France-Usa dual junior meet.
Marie Simonneau:
Born: May 10th 1988.
Gym club of 'Provi Gym Dijon', 1m44 and 36 kg.
Coaches: Carmen and Adrian Goreac.
Melanie Nunes:
Gym club of Marseille.
2001 French National Vault champion.
2001 French National junior Cups: 3rd.

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