The flying Alyona: June photo Award.
By Meredith and Bernard.

We start a new monthly page, the photo award page. We reward one of the most surprising or fascinating photos we receive. The subject: gymnastics of course, trainings, competitions, backgrounds, meet with gymnasts. Both artistics and rhythmics photos are accepted.
In December the final prize is given to the photo of the Year (the '94 Vandystadt gym photos book in a perfect state!).
Photos can be sent by e-mail (in jpeg format only, max 400 Ko) with two requested mentions: you precise you are the photographer, in which event/place/circumstances, and the permission to display the photo(s) on Kostiskal. It's also possible to contact us to send a photo's printing by a regular snail mail (such way allows us to display the photos in their best quality).
'04 June Winner: Eleni (Greece) is our first winner with this flying Alyona Kvasha at the '04 Pre-Olympics held in Athens. See the hands/arms position and the Alyona's regard!
Contact us for any comment or to participate in.

Alyona Kvasha (Ukrainia) at the Athens 2004 Pre-Olympics.
Alyona Kvasha (Ukrainia).

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