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Trading ways, videos formats.
I am looking for a lot of events, on tape or DVD, from the 70's to the latest events, especially from the year 2004.
Special message for gym fans who own homevideo coverages including trainings and /or routines of Zamolodchikova. We are loooking for such records, then contact us to manage a trade.
I can also trade tapes for gymnastics photos or magazines, newspapers and all related gym stuffs. So, feel free to contact me.
I accept to trade for costs too.
We can create DVDs too. Read the Gymnastics DVDs page.
My tapes will be in Pal, Secam or Ntsc.
I can convert the Secam format in Pal video format and can convert the Secam and Pal tapes in Ntsc (Us Ntsc format 3.58, Pal-M/Ntsc 4.43).
I can read all video format systems: Secam, Mesecam, Pal, Ntsc. So I am accepting all video format systems.
I am sending the tapes by AirMail services, if you wish to trade with me with slower ways (economy mail), please inform me first.
I donīt trade with people listed on the cheaters list given by the Gttc.

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